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Texas Longhorns Football: Running Backs Chris Warren and D'Onta Foreman Discuss Team's Progress Throughout Fall Camp

Chris Warren and D'Onta Foreman spoke with the media Friday for the final time of fall camp. Horns Digest has the highlights.



- Warren said the team has a lot more confidence heading into this season. He believes the offense could be a game changer for the program because it utilizes more of everyone's ability.

- The number of reps the backs have received in fall camp will allow more RBs to rotate in and will help keep everyone fresh. If it were up to Warren, he would choose to split the reps evenly "between three or four running backs a game" to help keep the group healthy as the season progresses. 

- The biggest difference he has noticed in Tyrone Swoopes is his consistency and overall confidence. Meanwhile, Shane Buechele's demeanor, confidence and work ethic has impressed Warren.

- Warren breaks down Foreman: "D'Onta is actually really explosive. He goes from 0 to top speed really fast, it doesn't take him much time at all. He finds holes I would never, ever find, and I don't know how he does it. He's really strong, fast and is a crazy athlete. He wants to be a coach so he studies the game and goes about it like a coach. I think that's what helps him most. You know at any point he can take it. You saw it in the Oklahoma game last year where he busted one for about 80 (yards). You never know with him and it's just so fun to watch."



- The collective feeling leaving the Notre Dame game last season was disappointment and embarrassment. The biggest difference between the team that left South Bend in 2015 and the team hosting the Irish in Austin can be summed up in one word: talent. "We have a lot of talent now. With the recruiting class we got and the young guys, we have a lot of talent. If we put all of that talent together, we can go out there and do something really special this season."

- He said the run game started going in a positive direction towards the end of last season, but will be even better this year. "I really feel like we are going to have some power to run the ball. I feel like with the change of pace and the backs that we have, we'll be able to be really effective running the ball. I feel like the running backs set the tempo for practice and for games. So we have to go out, set the tempo and then that will open up the passing game and whatever else we want to do."

- Foreman feels the mental part of the game is his biggest improvement of the offseason. He has a lot more awareness and feels more comfortable with the blitz pickup and reading safeties.

- Kyle Porter has really impressed Foreman throughout fall camp. He especially enjoys Porter's no-fear running style. "He's not scared. He goes out there with a mentality of 'I'm not the biggest, but I'm going to run like I'm one of the biggest backs we have.' He's like 200 pounds, so he tries to run people over. He's elusive and can make people miss, so you never know what you're going to get with him."

- Breaking down Warren's running style: "Chris is so big and powerful. When he runs the ball people just bounce off of him. He hits the hole and nobody wants to tackle him. Nobody wants to tackle either one of us but he's bigger than me, so I know they really don't want to tackle him."

- Foreman has seen significant growth in Swoopes and has been impressed with his competitiveness and accuracy. He believes this offense caters to Swoopes' style of play. "Some of the quick passes help the quarterbacks get into a rhythm. Last year the plays took a while to develop and I feel like the quarterbacks couldn't get into a good rhythm that they needed at first."

- What about Buechele most impresses Foreman? "He can do everything. I mess with him all of the time about the things he can do. Ping pong. Pool. I've seen him dribble a football. He sometimes plays around and tries to rap in front of me. It's crazy that he can do everything. I ask him all the time, 'Man, what can't you do?'

"I played basketball with him over the summer and he can shoot. I was like, 'Man you can do everything. I'm trying to be like you one day.'"

- When asked if Notre Dame is too big of a stage for Buechele, Foreman said, "No. I don't think so. With the preparation he has had throughout spring and fall camp, I feel like he's ready to go."



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