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Texas Longhorns vs. Notre Dame Fighting Irish: Notes from Charlie Strong's Game Week Press Conference

It's game week in Austin, Texas! Check out what's on Charlie Strong's mind as the Longhorns prepare to face Notre Dame Sunday night.

Charlie Strong kicked off football season Monday with his Monday press conference.

Notes: On this week's Big 12 football coach conference call, Strong said he will not be naming a starting quarterback, and the starter will be the first one to run out in the game on Sunday.

Also, Texas usually includes a depth chart in the game notes handed out at Monday's press conference. No depth chart was included in today's notes.

* * *

*   Charlie Strong has arrived. He said Notre Dame's front four on defense is probably the most physical front four Texas will face this season. Strong said the team has to play physical and in order for that to happen, they have to control the line of scrimmage and open holes for the run game. The Longhorns need to execute and have to finish.

*   Charlie Strong said he knows who is going to start, but he won't publicly make it known until the guy runs on the field Sunday.

*   Strong said he really likes this team. He likes the overall attitude, and the guys are all working to get on the football field.

*   Strong said both quarterbacks will play against Notre Dame.

*   The biggest differences in Tyrone Swoopes this year compared to last year is the scheme and playmakers alongside of him. Strong said there weren't many playmakers in the last two years, but that is not the case this year.

*   Strong said he has not had to tell the team about how big this game it. They understand it.

*   Strong said the reason he is going to play both quarterbacks is because they have both earned playing time.

*   Strong is not going to pull the starting quarterback if things start to go bad against Notre Dame. He wants the QB to be able to get into a rhythm.

*   Aside from Shane Buechele and Zach Shackelford, Devin Duvernay, Collin Johnson, Lil'Jordan Humphrey and Kyle Porter are other freshmen who will likely get snaps against ND. Strong said some freshmen OL may get rotated in.

*   Strong said the team has to tackle better this year.

*   On OL injuries: Patrick Vahe is supposed to be back at practice tomorrow (Tuesday). Tristan Nickelson "is back practicing" and Shackelford should be worked back in this week.

*   Texas should have its depth chart figured out "later in the week." Strong said they are going to let some positions to continue to battle these next few practices.

*   Fans should see an excited football team and a team that plays with a lot of passion. "They're going to go out there and compete."

*   The mentality of the team is different this season. Strong said guys used to talk about winning, but now they are putting in the necessary work rather than just talking about it.

*   Kicker Trent Domingue "hardly ever misses in practice." Jacorey Warrick and Devin Duvernay were mentioned by name as guys who have stood out in the return game.

*   Strong met with the senior class Saturday. He told the seniors they need to take it upon themselves to talk to the freshmen and prepare them mentally for Sunday's game. Strong said the coaches/team has to be careful and help control the build up for Sunday's game because they have so many freshmen who will see the field.


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