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Texas Longhorns Weigh In On What Went Wrong In 49-31 Loss To Oklahoma State

Texas players weigh in on what went wrong in the Longhorns' 49-31 loss at Oklahoma State.


- Malik Jefferson believes two issues that led to the loss at Ok. State were lack of confidence, lack of detail and not being able to tackle in the first half.

- Jefferson referred to the tackling issues as a lack of focus, saying it is inexcusable for it to happen. "This is the first time we've tackled that bad in a long time. ... That's one of the things that gets under my skin as a player. I missed a couple of tackles and that shouldn't happen. It's inexcusable. That's day one rules."

- Heading into Oklahoma, the team has to regain the momentum it had following Week 2 of the season. "You can't look pass what we did against Notre Dame and UTEP. This game that just happened, we have to get over it. We're playing for the Big 12 Championship. Anything can happen, everybody has to go out there and play."

- Jefferson said the defense not putting it together falls on the leaders. "I take the blame. I definitely need to step up and be a better leader and make sure everything is in order. That has nothing to do with the coaches, that's a player thing and it is something we're going to fix."


- D'Onta Foreman first felt a sharp pain on the right side of his abdomen during his 62 yard touchdown run in the third quarter. He walked it off and thought he was okay. Foreman said it returned on his next offensive possession, which scared him, so he went down. He believes its more of a muscle issue rather than bone, but he thinks he will be good to go next week against Oklahoma.

- Foreman feels the offense ran the ball well, but didn't do enough, or else the team would have won.

- Texas needs to fix the "little things", which according to Foreman, has been the main issue with the team in the two losses. "We'll get it together. It's the little things. We have to make tackles and we have to be more efficient on offense. We weren't bad today, but it didn't give us the win. So whatever we have to do to get this thing moving forward, we're gonna do."

- When asked if he thinks enough guys are "pissed off", Foreman said, "Yeah, I definitely do. We're not winning. You're gonna be upset when you're not winning. But it's not over for us though. Nobody feels like it's over. We have a really good team and we all believe that. We have to clean up our mistakes. When we do that, we can get this thing right."

- Foreman doesn't think he had a good day against Oklahoma State and his performance was not up to his own personal standards. He finished with 148 yards rushing and two touchdowns in a little less than three quarters of play.


- Breckyn Hager said the team has been put in the position to succeed, but it isn't happening because the Longhorns are "underachieving."

- Getting off the field on third down is critical, but the team didn't do it against Ok. State, even though Vance Bedford has continued to emphasize its importance. 

"We're not getting off on third down, that's for sure. That has to be stopped. That's something we talk about every day. 

"Even before today, Coach Bedford says all the time we have to get off on third down. We watched clips of last years game of how we did not get off on third down. He went over that with us specifically, and we did not stop them on third down. We had, what, three stops in the first half? That's not acceptable. 

"We should be a dominant defense and we're underachieving."

"I feel like I'm letting everyone down. I feel like, as a team, we're underachieving and that's not right. I'm not a loser and I don't want to be a loser."

- When asked if he thinks enough people are as pissed off as him, Hager said, "I hope so. I hope they're ready to grind this week. Starting tomorrow, everyone needs to put this aside and we go take out OU. That's what has got to happen. It's the only way. We've got to turn around our season right now."

MY TAKE: Breckyn Hager was visibly upset in post game. Honestly, you could feel how much he despises losing in just listening to him talk about the game. I could feel the pain in his voice when he said, "I feel like I'm letting everyone down. I feel like, as a team, we're underachieving and that's not right. I'm not a loser and I don't want to be a loser." 

There's no doubt he has the fire in his belly. One of the best things that could happen to this team is Hager's passion and despise of losing rubs off on the rest of the team.




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