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Talked to several key players who usually have some influence over the status of the Texas football coach, including high-ranking players at UT, about where Charlie Strong stands at Texas after saying he'd fix the defense heading into Saturday's 49-31 loss at Oklahoma State.

There will be no mid-season action taken on the head coach, I'm told.

"There's no upside," a key player said.

Texas president Greg Fenves ultimately will make the call on if Strong will stay or go.

And I was told tonight, "The Tower is in no way ready to hit the panic button one quarter of the way into the season."

I texted with the influential big money donors I spoke with in Wednesday's HD ONLY about what was at stake in the Ok State game for Strong.

One said: "If this is fixing it with Strong's involvement - then this doesn't bode well for him."

Another said: "Not sure he can fix this. The 18-point losses - his 10th in three years after Saturday - were supposed to be over."

Another said: "Really wanted today to be different. Well, actually it was. It was worse defensively than the Cal game."

When asked if Strong could buy himself time by firing Vance Bedford and replacing him (maybe with Clint Hurtt) , One powerful big-money source said:

"That should've happened last week. That's the problem with Charlie - everything comes too late. The offensive changes. The defensive changes. He only has two coaches left from his original staff , and we're talking about him possibly firing one of the remaining two. Someone who should have been fired after last year or after last game, right?"

To say Strong needs the best week of his coaching life at Texas heading into the OU game might be putting it mildly.

It's dire times in Texas football once again.



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