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There was a lot on the line for Charlie Strong going into the Oklahoma State game after saying he was getting more involved with the defense after Texas gave up 18 plays of 11 yards or longer in a 50-43 loss to Cal. But Texas gave up 19 plays of 10 yards or longer in a 49-31 loss at OSU Saturday. Here's HD's wall-to-wall postgame coverage:

Charlie Strong postgame comments:


You can't go out and play a first half like that and expect to win the game - especially when you're going on the road in an environment like this.


Right before halftime, we get a sack and get them backed up on the five. And then let them get a first down and go down and score to go up by 12. Reason I called that timeout was in hopes we'd get a stop and let our offense get back out there, because our offense was hot. We were making plays, running the ball and being effective.


We lost our two running backs in the second half. Chris (Warren) got hit in the knee area. Don't know how serious it is right now. And then D'Onta has a strained abdomen. He got hit scoring a touchdown and went into the wall and came back, then was running the ball and went down.


Still got a lot of work to do, a long way to go.


Got three extra points blocked. Our center is small and they were working between the center and the guard. They were pinning the guard and running right over him. So we've got some work to do.


On changes he made on defense today:

I made a few. We've just got to execute the calls and get improvement.


On having two weeks to prepare and then this:

You lose a game and it's bad. Like you said, we had two weeks to prepare for it. You give up the throws - the one there early when we were two-man and Washington was able to get away from us. You had guys in position and we didn't make the tackles, we didn't finish.

The seam route right down the middle, the safety went over the top and was playing too deep and gave up too much cushion. He needed to close that cushion instead of worrying about someone running by him, because we can recover.


On where it got away:

The thing that got us was giving up the big third downs - the third-and-10, the third-and-15 and third-and-12. Those were the back-breakers. Those are the ones that got us. You have to get off the field, and that's what we didn't get done.


On the team's effort:

They tried. We just didn't get it done.


On getting things turned around:

It's all about confidence, and you can get that back. You gotta go win a game. I told them you gotta play good defense on the road, and we didn't play good defense.


On what's wrong with tackling:

Tackling is something you have to do over and over. You gotta preach it, preach it, preach it.


On possible coaching staff changes:

Everyone is evaluated here every day.


On if the team can get its confidence back: 

They can get it back. We just have to go win a game. They can get it back.


Defensive Coordinator Vance Bedford:

We didn't play well. In the first half, we had them in two third-down situations and should have gotten them off the field. Didn't execute. Turned a guy loose in man to man, missed a tackle. There are no magical answers. We just gotta go out there and play. And I've got to do a better job of putting guys in position to play.


In the first half, we were in position to make plays and didn't make them.


Right before the half, we should have been in position. We were playing two deep zone and just gave them too much room.


I've said when you play these offenses, you have to get turnovers, and we didn't get them. We have to think about making plays. We missed five or six sacks in the first half. Their QB is an excellent player, and he played that way today.


We started with a lot of young guys on the field. They have great potential to make plays. And then we had a couple hiccups, so we brought the veteran guys in and they helped settle some things down.

Jason Hall came off the edge, ran over the back and sacked the quarterback. That's what those veteran guys can do.


On Strong being more involved:

It went fine. Me and Coach Strong have been together a long time. He's always been involved, so that went well.


On having two weeks to prepare:

I wish I had an answer for that. They didn't do anything we didn't expect. It's just that when the ball is snapped, you have to go and play the way you practice. When you have a chance to make a tackle or make a play, you have to get that done. We had QB sacks that didn't turn into QB sacks.

In the open week, we spent two straight days working at our tackling stations, and we still get it done. So you continue to work on things.


On how do you explain what happened:

We lost. It's just that simple. The name of the game is to win, and we didnt get that done. We have to keep the big plays from happening. If we do that, we give our offense a chance to do what they need to do.


We have to keep giving our players the confidence to do what they need to do, keep giving them the confidence in their teammates. Right now, we've got to slow down and stop the snowball from going downhill on defense.


Offensive Coordinator Sterlin Gilbert:

On losing C Warren (knee) for entire second half and losing D Foreman (abdominal strain) during the second half:

That affects you because of what those guys are capable of doing. You've got to change and adapt and adjust. We got awfully young in the backfield without those two guys.


On D Foreman getting hit after scoring and going into the wall:

I saw that and then obviously when he fell down. 


On Buechele's pick-six:

we'll have to go back and watch film and evaluate and see exactly what he needed to see or didn't see. It's about growth with him. Every rep is a learning experience and growing rep for him.


On Buechele throwing other passes into coverage:

Some of those pictures were probably tight for him. We'll just have to go back and watch video and see what he saw or what he didn't see.


On Buechele coming on the field for third down after Swoopes had played first and second down (when Buechele threw the INT):

I don't go back to that pick, because I can't even picture it right now. It's just still growth with him. He's just got to learn and see some things.


On Buechele's chest injury possibly affecting his ability to throw deep:

No. That wasn't part of it. They just played a high shell today and made us throw underneath.


On the pressure on the offense to score a bunch of points when the defense gives up a ton early:

We understand in this league, you look across the board and look at the scores in this league, we know what our job is. We've to go score points. We've got to do a great job of that - whatever that number might be. 


On the offense struggling to score points in the second half of Cal (10 points) and Ok State game (6 points):

It's just emphasizing being a second half team. That's something we've got to continue to grow and do and not have some of the mistakes that have happened to us in the second half.


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