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Texas Longhorns Discuss What Went Wrong in the 45-40 Loss to Rival Oklahoma Sooners

What went wrong in the Longhorns' loss to Oklahoma? OC Sterlin Gilbert and Texas players discuss.

Sterlin Gilbert

- D'Onta Foreman is still banged up, but Gilbert praised his performance and battling through injury to help the team.

- Gilbert said John Burt is still having lingering issues with his hand.

- The OC felt Shane Buechele did a good job adjusting to the environment as the game went on. Gilbert said he was a little off to start the game but he played better in the second half after he calmed down a bit. 

- In order to not allow things to get out of hand after three-straight losses, Gilbert said the guys just have to fight. "Just fight. Just battle. That's what our kids in them. They have character, they have fight in them and they have battle in them. They know from an offensive standpoint that we've got an opportunity to score fast. We did that a couple of times today, so they know and understand that. It's just about having character and having fight in you."

Dylan Haines

- The defense put an emphasis on getting turnovers heading into this game. Texas finished with four turnovers, but the offense only turned those opportunities into three points.

- Charlie Strong's changes on defense were a few alterations. Haines said when the players executed the plays, the changes were evident. But since the unit didn't consistently execute, it led to a poor statistical performance. "That falls on us players, especially the defensive backs. We've been saying it week-in and week-out that we're not going to allow them to throw balls over our heads, and again that's what they did to us today."

- When asked what comes to mind when he hears 672 yards, Haines said "You can't win doing that. That's the only thing that comes to mind. I don't care how many turnovers you force, if you give up 672 yards you're probably going to lose."

Chris Nelson

- Chris Nelson believes Charlie Strong is doing his part, but the losses are on the team.

- The best way to describe how the defense feels: "We're pissed off. We're fighting hard when we're in the game, so of course we're pissed off. We're right there, but we haven't gotten it done."


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