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Inside Access: Texas Longhorns Recruiting Chat

In this week's edition of Inside Access, HD's Jason Higdon answers your questions about Texas football and the state of the Longhorns recruiting.

What is your prediction for the Baylor game on both offense and defense? Say Texas wins on Saturday, what are the headlines? Say Baylor blows out Texas, what do the headlines say? 

I believe you will see a spirited effort from Texas on Saturday.  The Longhorns play much better at home and there's no doubting that. I believe Texas fans will see first-hand how different the Baylor offense is vs. the Texas offense.  It’s not close, and I think many will be surprised.  Fans feel Texas is running the Baylor offense, but it is not. It isn't even close.

Texas runs certain aspects of it, but as far as the rest, it’s night and day.  If Texas wins, I think the headlines will be "Texas Staying Alive" or something along those lines.  Baylor is not going to blow out Texas at home.  The Bears may win, but it will not be a blowout, in my opinion. 

If Baylor wins, it will be more of the same with the staff not being able to survive and things of that nature.  I will make my prediction later in the week. 

In your opinion, what are Charlie Strong's three biggest missteps since arriving at Texas? Put another way, if you were Charlie, what three things do you wish you could go back and change? (It can be as small as a specific decision during an individual game or as significant as a coaching hire). 

I think the dynamic with former assistant coaches Shawn Watson, Joe Wickline and Jay Norvell was simply doomed in a roundabout way.  

Does Charlie at least acknowledge that he is a very disorganized coach and he needs to improve on that? Or does he still blame the other coaches and the players for his woes? 

There is plenty of blame to go around.  ...

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