Senior RB/ILB Phillip Suah Ready for Trips

Running back/middle linebacker Phillip Suah has played his last high school football game. Summer Creek ended the season 5-4 after winning the first five games of the season and dropping the next four.

Houston (Texas) Summer Creek running back/middle linebacker Phillip Suah breaks down his game.  The 6-foot, 240-pound standout is ready for another round of visits.


“My game is based on athleticism and versatility, my size allows me to play multiple positions, and as a result, my high school has experimented me at nearly everything,” Phillip Suah said.  “As I continue my career clearly getting bigger, stronger, and faster is the goal adding muscle and losing fat, continuing to gain explosiveness is always the key to being a better athlete. Just got to continue working harder than the rest at my craft and everything will fall in line. As far as a team, we ended the season 5-4, winning the first five straight and losing the last four games. We were one game short of playoffs and we should've run the table and won the last 4, so it does hurt honestly however it's just another driving force for me to continue to grind it out day in and day out.”


Suah has been able to make a few unofficial trips to Houston Cougars, Texas Longhorns, and Texas A&M Aggies but is ready for more.


“I want to say no that I'm not surprised by all the attention I've been getting because of the work that has been put in but I'd be lying, I'm actually grateful to be in this position, and I wouldn't have even imagined me getting this far a couple of years ago, to be living out my dream,” Suah said.  “I'm still under the radar, and an underdog in my books but the faith & hard work will see itself through so I just put my head down and get better every day. The best part about the recruiting process is just able to establish relationships with like-minded people and visit places I've never been to; the whole process is just a big blessing to be a part of never to be taken for granted. I've been to Houston, A&M, and Texas so far but I got a lot of schools lined up including Baylor Bears and Texas Tech Red Raiders along with revisiting all three schools I've previously been to.”


Suah has been able to keep an eye on the Texas Longhorns the last two weeks.


“The last two weeks have been great for the Longhorns, I think Coach Strong is a player coach, he finds a way for everyone to buy into the system and everyone plays 100% for him it's great to see, the chemistry on the team is special,” Suah said. “As far as the predictions go I got Texas beating West Virginia by 10, UT shows up in big games, and it's a home game at that, so I think they'll be ready to pull off the upset.”

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