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Texas scored on runs, passes, interceptions and punt and kick returns Sunday night as the whole team got in the act of dismantling New Mexico State.

Selvin Young turns the momentum around on his way to a 97-yard kickoff return for a touchdown. This play opened up the floodgates to 66 unanswered points by the Longhorns.

Cedric Benson is faced with a familiar site -- lots of NMSU defenders watching his every move. Benson faced a stacked defense most of the night and was only able to gain 40 yards on 12 carries.

Derrick Johnson lunges across the goal line to finish off a 47-yard interception return for a touchdown. Johnson led Texas with 10 tackles on the night.

Garnet Smith brings down NMSU running back Tony Joseph. Smith left the game with an ankle injury and his status for Arkansas in uncertain.

Roy Williams is upended by a New Mexico State defender in the first half after a big pickup. In a bit of a moral victory, they were able to keep him out of the endzone on this catch.

Roy Williams hauls in a 53-yard touchdown pass from Chance Mock. Williams had 4 catches for 104 yards and 2 TD's.

Brian Pickryl brings Paul Dombrowski down late in the game. The Texas defense spent a good part of the game in the NMSU backfield.

Vince Young rears back and guns a 60-yard bomb to Sloan Thomas.

Selvin Young becomes the first player in UT history to return both a kick and a punt for a TD. It was appropriate that Young started and finished the Texas scoring onslaught, scoring the last touchdown on the night.BR>

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