Texas Head Coach Tom Herman Admits Longhorns are Behind in Facilities

First-year head coach Tom Herman admits the Longhorns are behind other D-I college football programs in the facilities department.

The talk surrounding updating football facilities has been a hot topic amongst Texas Longhorns faithful for several years. I asked Tom Herman for his thoughts on the current state of University of Texas facilities, and what he is looking to change.

The first-year head coach was honest in his response.

"We're behind, but not my much," he said, as a grin appeared across his face. "Nothing that a multi-million dollar facelift can't fix."

In an age where D-I college football facilities come fully equipped with barber shops, water slides, bowling alleys and more, the Longhorns have fallen behind the times. But not for long.

The plans to renovate facilities are in motion, and Herman has made a checklist of each area he personally wants improved.

Herman - along with chief of staff Fernando Lovo, AD Mike Perrin and Executive Senior Associate AD Arthur Johnson - walked the grounds earlier this week to address the needed upgrades. Once the approval process is complete, the Longhorns will be full-speed ahead to start updating the football facilities.

"My job is to tell President Fenves and Mike Perrin what we need to compete at a championship level," Herman said.

"Obviously to me, the graphics in the hallways need modernized; we need to modernize our locker room, since that's a place where our kids spend a big portion of their time; and we need to update the weight room, and reconfigure it a little bit.

"Those are areas A. B. and C., and we are full-steam ahead on all of those."

The historical factor of Texas football is something that will not be sacrificed during the updating process. Herman is well aware the Longhorns' need to upgrade many areas within the program, but will do so in a way that preserves the history inside the halls.

"This is a place that has unbelievable tradition and history. We're never going to forsake that in the name of upgrading facilities.

"We've got to find a way to intertwine all of the history and tradition here but also make this a place that is appealing to 17-year old young men."



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