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HD ONLY: Big Recruiting Weekend Ahead for Texas

In this week's HD Only, Chip Brown and Taylor Estes bring the latest Texas Longhorns football and recruiting news, including an early-enrollee moving to campus this weekend.

Toneil Carter Set to Move In This Weekend

Last week, Jason Higdon reported early-enrollee verbal pledge Toneil Carter Jr. would be taking his official visit to Texas January 13, and will also be moving in to his dorm.

I briefly caught up with the four-star running back Wednesday to see if anything with his plans have changed. The Texas Longhorns verbal pledge told me his plan remains intact, and he is all set to be a Longhorn.

He will be joining several other Texas prospects expected to be in Austin for the first of three official visit weekends.

In addition to Carter, the Longhorns are expecting visits from Kobe Boyce, Chevin Calloway, and as Higdon most recently reported, Gary Johnson. 

Carter will use his official visit starting January 13, and will move-in shortly following.

The early-enrollee will not be alone in the moving process. Longtime Texas QB pledge Sam Ehlinger will also move into his dorm over the weekend.



HD ONLY: Your Questions Answered!

Q: Any updates on the AD search and can we please get Texas to open the checkbook! Those stats about revenue and spending on the football program is ridiculous. Let's spend some money and get back to the top

Nothing new. And if you ask the president's office, they'll tell you there is absolutely no formal AD search going on, and I believe that to be true. But I also believe Greg Fenves has had some casual conversations with folks who came in for DeLoss Dodds' honor dinner in the fall, such as Oliver Luck, K-State's John Currie, TCU's Chris Del Conte and OU's Joe Castiglione.

I think it's in the back of Fenves' mind. But I also think there are members of the regents board who believe it's time Fenves start moving in the direction of hiring an experienced AD. I've been told to look for some news regarding a search starting to heat up in April.


Q: Not a question, just an observation. These recently released dollar amounts showing what a football program brings in compared to what they spend is downright sad for my alma mater. 

It makes me feel like I've been swindled by my university. I pay annual dollars thinking I'm helping invest in what I believe should be a phenomenal product on the field (along with knowing a portion supports other athletics programs that don't have the ability to produce as much as football). 

But after seeing these dollar amounts, it's obvious that the university's administration doesn't give a sh*t about wins and losses. It's all about the money. Well, if that's the case, they can go find money elsewhere. 

It really pisses me off that most other schools spend almost double their revenue compared to THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS. Sad and embarrassing. I'd say Hook 'Em but I'm too pissed right now.

Tom Herman will have a positive effect on spending. Already has.


Q: Do you expect the gulf between Texas and Alabama's spending to close some in the next year or so?

Yes. Tom Herman is helping drag Texas out of the dark ages on this.



  1. Any updates on timeline for the new basketball arena?
  2. What about location?
  3. And how much does the absolutely pathetic attendance at both men & women's basketball games thus far impact the higher-ups on HOW BIG the next arena is? My hope is they maybe push towards going smaller, more intimate.

Should know the location of the arena in the next 10 months.

Shaka wants it on campus. There does appear to be private money interested in building an arena off campus. Texas' ability to raise money (or not) will undoubtedly determine which option is selected. No lone will discuss the location, but I suspect it could be east of I-35.

The size of the arena will undoubtedly be determined by the money raised (or not). If Texas can generate enough money to do it's own thing on campus, it could be a more intimate building in the 10K to 12K range. If private money leads to an off-campus arena, it will be bigger to ensure getting the concerts the Erwin Center is currently getting.


Q: How will these out of state offers affect recruiting in the state of Texas?

Herman has gone out of his way the past week to say recruiting classes in the year a new coach is hired at a school typically have the most misses, most attrition and most off-the-field issues. Herman followed that up by saying that's why the staff is going after guys who they know and have a relationship with, because trying to whip up a relationship with a recruit in the final month before signing day is often a longshot at best. It appears to be a clear attempt at adjusting expectations from thinking the 2017 class is going to be anything like last year's class. Herman said the 2018 class will be more indicative of what the new staff can do while recruiting with the Longhorn logo on their shirts.

Q: People always point out that the top Texas talent doesn't stay in the state anymore. Charlie was criticized by the Texas coaches for going out of state. If the top talent doesn't want to be here, then I fully support turning Texas into a national recruiting power like Ohio State, Alabama, Florida and ND.

From John Mackovic to Mack Brown to Charlie Strong, Texas coaches have always recruited from in-state with a few cherry picks outside the state. We'll see how Herman ultimately approaches it.


Q: Is 2017 point guard Matt Coleman as good as gone (to Duke) with the nightmare of a season Shaka Smart is having? If we don't land Coleman, who on earth will we get as a PG?

I'm hearing it's still a close call for Coleman and that Texas is not out of it. If the Horns miss on Coleman, Shaka will undoubtedly have to go JUCO. 


Q: Does Herman have a strong opinion on the future of Texas' conference affiliation? In other words, is the Big 12 the long-term home for Texas?

I'll try to find out if he has a hard opinion on it.


Q: Who is the most realistic transfer qb candidate and why?

Right now, until Kyle Allen says he's definitely staying at Houston, I'll go with Allen. (We just need to look at his course load to see if he's still loading up to be eligible to be a grad transfer in May. Or if he's back to 12 hours.


Q: Any interest by Texas in Tyler Moore? Starting center at Minnesota who announced that he is transferring.

Checking on this.


Q: Whatever happened to the big story you were going to write about A&M and their budget issue?

Things got a little busy around here. But it might be a good summer project (after I release my next big investigative story, which I hope to have done next week).


Q: How do you feel about Higdon going rogue and starting his own recruiting board?

Anything Higdon does like that is done out of his passion for serving the HD family. What I think we've all decided is we'll have a "recruiting archive" forum, so that after an HD recruiting story is posted for 24 hours, it can be moved over to the archive, where everyone can find everything and not feel like they missed anything if they've been away from the board for a while.


Q: Is the resale policy staying in place for 2017 season tickets?

That's my understanding - that it is in place once again for 2017 - with zero price increase, from what I'm told.


Q: Any updates on the track coaches if they are going too stay an not get forced out? An is Chris Plonsky bad moves an bad work at UT every going too get her fired?

This question was ahead of its time today! Just a couple hours after this question was posted, track coach Mario Sategna was reinstated to his job after being put on paid leave more than two months ago while UT investigated some complaint made against Sategna.

I think Plonsky's role will change. The question is if it can be done gracefully in putting her in some new role at UT or not?


Q: Since when did Clemson add a "p" into their name 

Clemp-son baby!!!


Q: How much of the spending athletic revenue on football is because of Steve Patterson & how he handled the department & donors?

If UT's football program was like it was in 1998, would the university financially support it better?

Patterson didn't help foster an atmosphere of giving - that's fore sure. The exact opposite was true. Winning happened in 1998 along with Ricky Williams' Heisman. There was reason for optimism. Texas needs a reason for optimism once again, and the money will flow in.


Q: I would like all recruiting info in one place but would also like it to be posted on big board as well for 24-48 hours then archived to a place that's all together. Can you simply do both? 

Recruiting stories will be posted in HD's primary premium forum - Horns House - and then after being pinned/posted there for 24 hours, they'll be moved to the recruiting archive, where everyone can find them if they've been away from the board for a bit.


Q: Chip,

Herman has made a lot of noise about improving the facilities. But from your reporting going back to 2014, there were major renovations planned and budgeted for, regarding Neuhaus and the practice bubble. My questions are:

1) We're these things still on track before Herman came in?

2) Is Herman's presence expediting these changes?


Herman's got his own ideas about things, so those ideas are going to get (and already are getting) consideration and will definitely impact a new outcome on plans.


Q: Hey Chip, was listening to you & Sean this morning and enjoyed the Adams Theory very much.

You said the UT women's athletics director believes that the Lady Longhorns should have everything equal to the men.

Does she really mean dollar-for-dollar spending in both programs? And if so, why hasn't Mike Perrin called her out on that? I don't think there's a squad in the women's department that needs 85 scholarship players. Am I wrong?

Look, I love the idea of being equal and can remember the days when the high school boys teams got meal money and the girls didn't; the boys teams got jock straps and the girls had to buy their own sports bras; the boys teams got charted bus rides to playoff games, while the girls took the yellowdogs. I think the departments can be equal in these areas.

But football pays for everything and should get more, especially if UT is serious about consistently being a top 10 team. Please tell me the UT athletics department has more common sense than what I heard on TBL this morning.

I think any time Chris Plonsky can get dollar-for-dollar equal equity, she absolutely tries to get it, and that's rubbed some key people the wrong way.


Q: Any news on current players and new staff since some of them are getting together for first time? Do you know anything about what winter conditioning will look like?

We're a week away from the start of winter conditioning. From what I hear, it will look like guys bent over garbage cans.


Q: When is UT going to hire a full time AD?

Maybe in April, I'm told.


Q: Chip, are u going to ask Coach Herman about hiring a coach from the Art Briles Baylor staff that publicly defended Art, other BU coaches & the BU football program during & after the BU scandal that cost CAB his job? & what are your thoughts about the Casey Horny hire?

I've already been told Herman hired Casey Horny, because he has known Horny for more than a decade and was a grad assistant with Horny back at Texas in 2000 and then worked with Herman in 2003-04 at Sam Houston State (when Horny coached cornerbacks). I'm also told Herman checked with his former boss at UH - Baylor AD Mack Rhoades  - to make sure Horny wasn't caught up in anything that could end up making the wrong kind of headlines in the future.


Q: What are you hearing from NFL people about The 18 wheeler and the draft?

Not much.


Q: Between now and when real football practices actually start, what are the top 3 stories or topics you will focus on?

1) Anything and everything involving Tom Herman and his team

While I was in Tampa for the CFP national title game, I was told about Nick Saban and Kirby Smart reaching out to Herman after the 2014 season (and after Herman had landed as Houston's new coach) to see what Herman had seen on film in terms of tendencies that Ohio State was able to exploit against Bama in the semis of the 2014 CFP.

Herman agreed to meet with Saban and go over some things, and that's why I think Saban was so complimentary of Herman when asked about Texas' new coaching hire during CFP Media Day in Tampa. Saban called Herman, "one of the finest coaches in college football right now. Good mind, great personality."


Q: What was Deshaun Watson doing with Coach Herman today on campus?

I know, right? The CFP title game MVP knows where to come to celebrate!





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