In an HD Exclusive you won't read anywhere else, HD's JASON HIGDON takes you behind the scenes for the untold story of the 365 days leading up to National Signing Day for the Texas Longhorns' 2017 recruiting class ...

February 1st, 2017 [Wednesday – My Take]


Before we jump right into the NSD Post Inside Access, I wanted to go over a couple of things for you guys/gals.  I know many people are frustrated overall with this class.  I told everyone it would be a struggle with the coaching change.  This is what happens with a coaching change; you don't land kids you don't have relationships with.  Charlie killed it the last two recruiting cycles at Texas, and they had a rough close overall just like Texas did, why?  Relationships!  I am going to talk about relationships and location being the two most important factors over ANY others when it comes to recruiting.  This is not some secret for those of you who have followed me.  Everyone has an opinion on this staff and their ability to recruit overall, and I get it.  Most of you have expressed exactly how you feel regarding their capacity to recruit, and that’s fine.  That is what the message board is for, and I encourage you to do so.  I have my personal opinion, but I do not believe it’s fair for me to personally pass judgment until I give them a cycle to see what they can do out on the road.  Texas did pretty much exactly what I thought they were going to do this cycle.


They had no choice but to go after some kids they had relationships with and that’s what they did for the most part.  Tom Herman has now been a head coach for two transition classes, one at Houston and one with Texas and another full cycle sandwiched in between.  He is extremely young as a head coach recruiter so to speak.  That is not a bad thing or a knock on him at all.  It simply means over time we will see what kind of recruiting head coach he becomes.  He did not have the relations with the top players in the state of Texas, and it’s simple.  As much as it pains me to say this, the University of Georgia and Kirby Smart killed it this cycle landing arguably the top class in the country depending on who you speak with.  It’s not because they won eight games.  It’s because he has a great recruiting staff and because he has great and I mean great relations with the kids he targeted.  Some of them were the same kids he got to know when he was coaching at Alabama.  There it is again, relationships.  Georgia finished 3rd in the SEC EAST at 4-4, the same record as Kentucky AND lost to Vanderbilt!  They went out and beat the holy you know what out of everyone in the SEC East and SEC West other than Alabama.  Again, it was not because they went 4-4 in the conference.  A lot of people are putting a huge emphasis on overall record, and that is a mistake in my opinion.  This staff has been recruiting for about two months.  We will know everything we need to know about this staff over a nine-month stretch.  The months of December, January, February, March, April, May, June, July and August will determine where this 2018 class ends up and not the results of September, October, and November.  Those nine months WILL determine how they recruit in 2018.  They have a total of nine months to build relations with these kids, coaches, and families before they EVER step foot on the field.  Does anyone think they won't get any commits over the next six months?  And it will have nothing to do with results on the field because they will not have played a single game.  They are behind in 2018 and need to work with a sense of urgency in-state.  If you look at the class of 2018 nationally a ton of these kids, have already announced their intentions to play for certain schools.  You never want to make a living having to flip multiple players each cycle. Some of you will not believe some of the stuff that went on this past cycle, and that’s cool.  I am not trying to convince any of you any of the things I know.  Hell, I always tell each and every one of you to stick to your guns!  I did not stick to my guns on the Chaisson deal, and it cost me.  I listened to noise in the system, and it impacted me which is something I NEVER let happen, but it did this time.  I have also said over and over this staff needs to establish a track record, one I am comfortable with if that makes sense.  I have covered numerous, and I mean numerous coaches over the last ten years.  I know when certain coaches say we got a kid you could take it to the bank and it was DONE!  With any new coaching staff, you need to see the track record play out before you can determine the hit ratio.


I seriously debated not even posting this story at all. I decided to go ahead and do it to bring 100% closure on the previous staff/transition to the new staff.  The fact remains, once the staff change took place a TON of what you are going to read now means nothing.



February 4th, 2016 [Thursday]


JK Dobbins made a phone call to Charlie Strong to tell him he couldn’t believe how Texas closed out NSD 2016 with everyone they wanted (for the most part) and how excited JK was to see Texas landing all these top players.  It was something JK said he wanted to be a part of moving forward.


February 7th, 2016 [Sunday]


Talked to Jeffrey McCulloch and he wanted to know the names and numbers of the top 2017 prospects on the board for Texas.  Chevin Calloway, Dylan Moses, Anthony Hines, Baron Browning, Marvin Wilson and JK Dobbins were the names we talked about.  The Wolfpack continues to be ambassadors for the University of Texas.


February 8th, 2016 [Monday]


J.K. Dobbins or bust.  Derrick Tucker is long ways away from qualifying; he has lots of work to do – Texas will not go down this road.


March 3rd, 2016 [Thursday]


Brick Haley coached K’Lavon Chaisson's father and will 100% be the favorite I was told.


March 22nd, 2016 [Tuesday]


Was told (had heard prior) defensive end Taquon Graham is in for sure.


End of March beginning of April 5th, 2016


Totally lost track of this event in regards to the actual time stamp.  Taquon Graham committed to Charlie Strong on the phone, and they decided to keep it quiet for now.  No doubt to keep working Robert Beal and some other DE’s on the board.


April 9th, 2016 [Saturday]


Much to do about nothing honestly as Kobe Boyce took a trip to college station to visit the soe with his parents (dad I believe) Kobe told me that night he was hanging out with Max Wright and Tyrell Shavers stating, “I am trying to bring them both on board,” Boyce said.  Kobe is going to be a huge addition to the Texas class on and off the field.


April 12th, 2016 [Tuesday]


Marvin Wilson made an unofficial visit to Texas to spend some one on one time with Charlie Strong and crew.  Walker Little was supposed to come as well as Will Farrar.  Little’s mom wanted Walker to wait and come Friday to spend time with the players and stay Saturday to watch the entire spring game, so that is the plan as of now (Tuesday before Spring Game) Will Farrar is coming in on Thursday, and he has been very receptive with the Texas coaches. Sam Ehlinger is also coming in today while Marvin is in town.


April 14th, 2016 [Thursday]


Was told Lagarryon Carson would not make it in.  He is having huge off the field issues and on the field issues.  He is falling further and further behind with his grades and has some serious things going on.  They are in big time danger of losing this kid to the JUCO world where he may never be heard from again.  This was the same day I was also told that Baron Browning was a Longhorn.


May 4th, 2016 [Wednesday]


Texas has been on the road for about a week, or so I guess. They have killed it with players in Florida, Louisiana, and Texas as far as being out and about.  They are set to go to Georgia next week to catch up with OLB Tyler Taylor –Texas has ties with the kid/family, and they believe they have a legitimate chance.  I have heard it would be a longshot from some in the area.  They will also hit Norcross high school to check in with Robert Beal.  BLUE DEVILS LOL for those that don’t know I went to Norcross back in the day.


Last week the NCAA lifted the “No Texting” rule between college coaches and recruits for the current rising seniors.  This is a game changer. You have kids such as Baron/JK/Wilson/Walker calling and speaking with Strong ALL the time, and no one has a clue how often or for how long they are talking with the head coach at Texas…JK Dobbins better not mess around because AJ Davis loves Texas and Strong has major connections at the Lakeland staff down in Florida.


May 14th, 2016 [Saturday]


Outside linebacker Tyler Taylor called to commit to Texas.  He spoke with Texas about his intentions. However, Texas told him they would like him to visit Texas first with his family and make sure they feel it’s the right fit.  He is supposed to take the trip to Texas in two weeks (end of May), and if at that time he wants to commit to Texas and go public they will take him. Remember this date post…this was the date I was told about Briles getting fired


May 17th, 2016 [Wednesday]


As of today the three most receptive recruits with Sam Ehlinger are Mannie Netherly, Kary Vincent, Jr and Walker Little. The issue for some of the DB’s is they keep asking Texas, “Where am I going to see the field,” the amount of entitlement with some of these kids simply blows my mind!   Depending on what goes down with Baylor/Duvernay it could work against Texas with Mannie, but a bird in the hand I guess is the best way to approach this situation. If they get Devin look for Mannie to end up with another program.


May 19th, 2016 [Thursday]


*Tyler Taylor Note* Taylor called Texas to see if they would accept his commitment over the phone “IF” he were to want to commit.  Not that he “was” going to commit but the coach said he is pretty wide open and if he was leaning to anyone it was Texas.  He also called a few other schools and said the same thing to gauge his position with each school.  Texas came to see him last week and this week, and he will visit with his mother the end of May, and once that happens, they will be the front runner in my opinion.


Was also told on this day that Texas was offering DT Corey Bethley from Katy HS.


Was also told again that Erick Fowler has a chance but not looking great.  Southall looks like he will be headed to Mississippi Gulf Coast CC which happens to be the same school that DE Isaiah Buggs plays at.  If Southall ends up at Gulf Coast look for Buggs to more than likely end up a Longhorn.  Of the two, Southall is the one with a chance to make it in, but Texas is working like crazy to try and get these guys in.  I have said as much as humanly possible to let the board understand Fowler is in REAL jeopardy of not making it in, but people keep writing he’s close he’s gonna make it, etc..so for those reasons I’m out lol.  He can make it in, but he has a LOT to get accomplished right now.  I don’t know if Fowler is going to make it, but one thing is for sure as it was told to me if he makes it would be a minor miracle.  Also, there is some real danger Lagaryonn Carson is not doing what he needs to do to be on target with his school work. Texas will proceed knowing this is the case (has been but they thought he was turning the corner) and is still going to try to sign three DE’s and one DT moving forward and hope Carson gets it together.


Was told that Walker Little, Mannie Netherly are Longhorns and no way Little ends up going to Ole Miss with the things that have transpired in Oxford as of late.  Stanford is the real team to beat for Little I believe, and we touched on the Baylor situation earlier impacting Mannie.  It still stuns me that one kid, potentially a Devin Duvernay would “force” a kid as talented as Mannie Netherley to go to another school altogether. 


Texas also spent time at Grayson high school before attending the Tyler Taylor Spring game which was moved to today instead of Friday due to bad weather on the way.  The Grayson coach (used to be at Camden County) told Texas if they had a chance at one kid (They have 15 big time kids) it would be DeAngelo Gibbs possibly because he has no clue where he wants to go or what he wants to do.  Something to keep an eye on.  The ironic thing about this is earlier today I wrote no shot with Gibbs which is what I have been told up until later this evening.  So I got that going for me, but we will see how it plays out. – Pencil me in the no chance in hell category for Gibbs.


June 6th, 2016 [Monday]


Patrick Hudson – These are NEVER going to be easy for you to figure out, but I am running out of options doing this kind of stuff lol






1 OG in Midland Region

1 OG in Texas

Bday is on the 4th of November

No 1 in Midlands, No 1 in Texas and No 3 OG in America 1 + 1 + 3 = 5


And yes this one was NOT FAIR, trust me I understand.  Too much riding on the line for me to make that one easy for you to figure out, sorry.


Do you know how difficult it was to find a set of numbers that would apply to TWO different kids?




Kameron Martin is 5-foot-10, the No 6 ranked running back in the country, the No 1 ranked running back in Texas, ran for 43 TD’s in his high school career and had a total of 25 offers.  The day the Baylor news broke this deal was done for Martin, JP, Hudson and Devin and his brother.


June 8th, 2016 [Wednesday]


Chevin Calloway made an unofficial visit to Texas – Trip went fantastic with the coaching staff, Texas squarely in the mix – Again, the only issues I see is all the talk from kids in the 2017 class (some) that continue to say to the coaches, “Coach, where am I going to play next season?”


Chevin Calloway –


“It was nice,” Chevin Calloway said.  “I was able to relate to them and just how they are trying to do something big with the program.  I can see the hunger, and I can tell they want me to be a part of it.”


His mother, sister, and step dad visited with him


June 9th, 2016 [Thursday]


The real threat for Walker Little is Stanford it appears, not Ole Miss – Walker also asked Sam to room with him when they are out at the Opening?  Mannie Netherly and Sam are getting extremely close right now, but the threat of Duvernay appears to be too much for Mannie.


Last weekend of May/First weekend of June – JK Dobbins was in town to visit a girl he knows as well as watch a softball game.  He told the media he was not meeting with Texas, but in fact, he spent a ton of time with Charlie Strong and the entire staff.  This one looks done – and as you could imagine no way I could talk about this as it has unfolded as of late.  When he visited, I forgot to make the entry for that day so not exactly sure when it was.


June 17th, 2016 [Friday]


Texas participated in their first satellite camp today, Houston Baptist – No offers will result in this camp as of now.  Kenneth Murray was invited, they hoped he would visit the camp but he never showed up –they are not feeling good about Kenneth Murray, and he announced his intentions to make a decision August 10th – Looks like OU for now.  They left late yesterday in the van (all rode together) to head over to Dallas for satellite camp 2. 


June 20th, 2016 [Monday]


Tyler Taylor named his top 6 schools on Sunday the 19th and did not include Texas in the mix all but sealing this fate between the two parties.


“I didn’t like I wasn’t getting the same type of love that I was getting from other schools,” Tyler Taylor said. 


Texas is not going to baby this kid – after he had left on his trip, they had a feeling the high maintenance issue would be a factor, and they were right.


July 21st, 2016 [Thursday]


Walker Little File




No 75

40-Time 5.5.4


Scout Rank No 16

Position Rank No 2

Texas OT Rank 1

26 Offers



Lotter Numbers for Walker Little


8-3-2 Bellaire Texas Area Code


6-7 --height


5 – five star


July 21st, 2016 [Thursday]


Kary Vincent, Junior –Set to now announce on Sunday night at 7 pm, he was going to do it on the 10th but been pushed back to Sunday the 24th.  The entire Texas staff just spoke with him on the phone earlier today – Bottom line is he’s not picking Texas Sunday night, and they know that, have for a while.  This is NOT a kid you want to announce to your school early bc he is going to take it all the way to NSD and you don’t want to fight like hell to keep him – you want to be recruiting him out of the public spotlight.  Kary himself told me.


“I won’t end my recruitment, but locking something in before the season,” Kary Vincent, JR said.   This is the problem with kids today; they are willingly announcing to schools “reserving” a spot then shopping around looking for a better opportunity. Either way, this is the kind of situation where I expect to see Charlie and crew continue to stay on him and I believe they will have a great shot at the end of the day.


August 1st, 2016 [Monday]


The first day wrote offers are allowed to be sent to potential prospects – some surprising names on the list that received written offers, including Paulson Adebo and Corey Bethley.  ***NOTE*** almost three weeks have passed since these went out and still no new additions as of August 20th, 2016.




















Grand Prairie



































Galena Park














La Grange

















































Port Arthur









































































































Lake Dallas














Missouri City































August 8th, 2016 [Monday]


Walker Little recently found out he could get into Stanford – game changer.  Texas felt great and still does with Little, but the Stanford situation does change this deal.  Little loves Texas, location, and tradition but is having a real hard time turning down the Stanford degree.  He remains VERY close and in constant contact with Sam Ehlinger.  That relationship “may” win out in the end for Little – or help him end up at Texas I should say.  I still firmly believe Little ends up in Texas with some of the relationships he’s building with the staff, players, and recruits.  The staff feels great despite the Stanford situation—honestly a kid I should throw out the Patience alert on. That’s how strong Texas feels.


August 14th, 2016 [Sunday]


Yesterday was the first full scrimmage for the football team.  Cause for concerns, absolutely – the OL did not have a great day.  The issues are simple, the best players on the OL are the young guys.  Shackelford out, Nickelson is not the answer at RT and Hudson still trying to find his way –guy that should be playing is Okafor.  The defense had their way with the offense so to speak – Offense could only score a couple of TD’s, however, no Foreman or Warren for the offense.  Kyle Porter got TONS of work and looked real good doing it – Strong loves Porter.   Will be interesting to see how his playing time works throughout the season.


WR Coach Charlie Williams – Best 5 FR WR Unit he has ever coached.  Everyone knows about Duvernay and Collin Johnson, but Hemphill and Curtis have looked good as well.  The surprise of the group no question has been the play of Lil’ Jordan Humphrey who I was told has THE very best hands on the entire team.  The thought of Humphrey, Burt, Johnson all with great height on the field at the same time plus a kid like Duvernay with his speed—dangerous.  I was told LHJ, Duvernay, and Johnson are sure-fire NFL players.  Was told, while the 2016 class might not have the highest rank top end guys vs. 2015, the 2016 class is LOADED with Sunday draft guys.  Brandon Jones continues to impress.  The top player of the entire class might be Malcolm Roach.  Was told Roach and Hager are going to cause LOTS of havoc for QB’s in this league…As far as the QB deal goes, it’s not as if Shane is doing bad but Swoopes has improved tremendously in this offense….Both guys are going to play, and we will see who can emerge moving forward as the every down starter but come on we know the answer right?


August 18th, 2016 [Thursday]


Anthony Hines, SR had a long talk with Texas last night (Wednesday 17th) Texas asked him again about his son apparently recruiting for OU.  The dad denied it again, saying it was bothering him he kept hearing this stuff about his son.  Senior told Texas this was a two-team race with Texas and Texas A&M.  IF he is honest and I have no reason not to believe him this deal is over.  No defensive player is picking the Aggies over the Longhorns. I spoke with Senior later that night, and he echoed the same thing to me as Texas – great sign.  I fell victim to the “Hines recruiting for OU” like everyone else – but everyone, as of now appears to be way off base with that situation.  Either way looks great for Texas right now in my mind.


Reggie Hemphill –they thought he tore the ACL, but after the MRI had come back, it showed it was an MCL tear –out three weeks tops still means RS I bet.


August 20th, 2016 [Saturday]


Texas conclude their second and final scrimmage earlier this morning.  A couple of notes.  The two best DT’s on the team are Poona Ford and Chris Nelson.  Taking it a step further, if Poona stays healthy he will have an AA type season and by far and I don’t say this lightly, but by far is the best overall player on the entire defensive unit.  And for all the Texas HS coaches or fans who complain about Strong and crew going OOS to recruit try this on for size – the starting DL could very well be Ford, Nelson, and Roach – three OOS players.  Gerald Wilbon is the best of the FR DT, and it’s not even close right now from what takes place on the field.  Roach has been so good there has been talks of moving Roach to SDE to be the starter meaning Hager at WDE, and on 2nd and 3rd and long he will get after the QB no question, but it’s the other phases of his game that are troublesome.  If he can improve those things, he will be an all Big 12 player I think.  Chris Daniels still hurt – not sure what he will bring to the table, and Jordan Elliott needs to toughen up for sure playing in a Charlie Strong defense.  Wilbon and DCG are going to play this season and play a lot of football moving forward they think. Keep an eye on Kevin Vaccaro as he is pushing Haines as is Brandon Jones.   Denzel Okafor is the top FR OL and its not even close.  JP and Hudson “should and need” an RS season but Texas does not have that luxury. I expect to see Okafor, worst case scenario as a three-year starter at Texas.  We need to keep in mind it’s August, so it does not mean much in my mind but something to talk about I suppose.


August 30th, 2016 [Tuesday]


The day the news broke regarding Anthony Hines was making an official visit to Texas A&M/UCLA instead of coming to the Texas/ND game.  No one was aware that his first choice was to make his OV to the Texas game.  It worked out much better for him not to make his OV that weekend but instead will make an OV to Texas the following weekend for the UTEP game.  He will get WAY more attention and one on one time with Strong and the entire staff – he should be the only OV to come in that weekend and will be the first player to even make an OV to Texas during a game weekend in over a year.  The reason is his announcement date of November 29th, and he is a mid-year guy, so they are going to make the exception to let him make his OV for a game weekend. 


September 8th, 2016 [Thursday]


Texas brought in an all-star cast of recruits from 2017 & 2018 class.  To a man, every single family member or recruit was 100% blown away.  The magnitude of the game, as well as atmosphere and electricity, was nothing short of spectacular.  This visit for so many kids will be the game changer, especially for Marvin Wilson who by the way is and has been recruiting for Texas.  This is one of those things I could never throw on the boards.  Could you imagine the fallout if my saying oh guys, by the way, the most heavily recruited DT in America is recruiting not only in-state recruits but out of state recruits to come to Texas with him?  Marvin and Alex Leatherwood have become close friends.  Alex, a Bama verbal and Marvin met out at the Opening and have remained in touch ever since and have been doing a LOT of talking to each other about Texas.  Also, Xavier Newman could be recruiting harder than any of the other 7 Texas verbals at this time.  He is on Alex and Walker Little.  Sam is building great relations with JK Dobbins.  Today was also the day Texas extended a verbal offer to Leatherwood who told me off the record he is going to visit Texas.  Oh, the best part and no one knows this now, but his mother lives in Killeen Texas. Maybe Texas will have a shot if Alex gets on campus for a visit.  This was also the day that Sam Ehlinger was added to a chat group with Baron Browning, Walker Little, Marvin Wilson and Alex Leatherwood.  The name of the chat group they are calling it is “Texas Boys.”  I was not told when it happened, but this first week of September is when K’Lavon Chaisson told Texas he was 100% committed to Texas and would remain a silent commit until NSD


September 13th, 2016 [Tuesday]


Safety prospect Bubba Bolden offered, and Texas is going to keep this one quiet for as long as possible.  I forgot to add this in my notes (Today is September 26th) and went back today and added – so far no one is talking about him, and he is not listed as having a Texas offer, but he knows he does.


September 21st, 2016 [Wednesday]


Busy last two weeks for the Texas staff.  Fresh off the first loss of the season on the road at California.  Today, the staff will decide who and where they will go on the recruiting road (Friday) Couple of interesting notes – in this offense you must be able to beat or run past the DB’s.  Our 4th WR MUST be faster than your 4th DB.  Sterlin feels they only have two guys that can run past DB’s right now with Burt and Duvernay.  It’s one of the reasons you don’t see Collin Johnson right now.  I believe Strong will eventually get in the mix with this personnel changed and put Collin Johnson on the field.  The kid IS an NFL WR no question.  If all this offense is worried about is WR’s who can run fast in a straight-line I am not going to be a big advocate.  This is also the reason why the offensive staff is not pressing Omar Manning – Texas could get Manning, but they are going after Jalen Reagor 100mph because he’s a faster WR.  I like Reagor and his game but more to playing the WR position than being fast.  Keep an eye on Kary Vincent and Chevin Calloway as both have been back in play for a while now.  The staff will bulk up LJH to RB to make room for taking another WR in the class of 2017.  LJH will be the biggest RB to ever play at Texas


September 26th, 2016 [Monday]


I don’t know if it will come out or not after the Oklahoma State game, but I wanted to make a note of it now while I am thinking about it.  Shane Buechele has not practiced one time since the California game.  Not only has he not practiced he has not even been out to practice at all.  He has spent the entire time in the training room.  Not good at all for a young player at that position to miss so much time on the practice field getting more and more reps heading into his second road game of the season.  Clearly, Texas does not want this news out before the game.  He is “supposed” to attempt to practice on Tuesday the 27th and Wednesday the 28th and see what his pain tolerance is.  He should play on Saturday regardless but the time missed at practice is very concerning to me as we approach this game.  Also, Dylan Moses stays in constant contact with Texas.  There could also be a new player for Moses in the form of the Auburn Tigers, however – I have recently been told Moses will someway somehow end up with Nick Saban and Alabama no matter what happens he is going to Alabama.


October 14th, 2016 [Friday]


Main DL Texas is and has been recruiting for a while now – K’Lavon Chaisson, Alec Jackson and Ryan Johnson in addition to Marvin Wilson.  Even though Chaisson is a commit, they recruit him like he is 100% open.  This has been what gets coaches at other programs in trouble as they don’t recruit the silent commits and then most of the time end up going elsewhere.  Same goes for Marvin.


The main skill guys on the offensive side of the ball continue to be Jalen Reagor, Tyrell Shavers, Omar Manning, Damion Miller and Mannie Netherly. 


October 16th, 2016 [Sunday]


The weekend of the Iowa State at Texas game.  The two biggest visitors people were aware of Marvin Wilson and Walker Little.  Notice how many times these two have shown up on campus over the last two years?  Both stayed the night and Marvin Wilsons mom and sister hung out the next day for a few hours with the coaching staff.  One of their moms and sisters hung out with the staff earlier today for a few hours. Can't remember which mom and sister it was, though.  BOTH kids have flat out been telling Texas they are coming.  They have flat out said IF Charlie Strong is the coach they will be wearing burnt orange.  Hines made an OV to UF this weekend as the Gators hosted Missouri – that kid is NOT going to Penn State OR Florida – he just simply wants to take some visits.  You can add a third five-star kid to the Texas class in Hines if Charlie is the coach in 2017.  This was also the game that Sam Ehlinger and Levi Jones visited, and no one was aware before the game, during or after.  I still do not know how this stayed quiet I don’t.  Jones is coming around lately and opening up to the idea of playing for Texas with the work the staff has done.


November 2nd, 2016 [Wednesday]


The first day I was told about RB Trey Sermon, from Sprayberry HS-Marietta (GA) He is a 6-foot-1, 217-pounds.  OU verbal commitment –had a back injury early in his junior season.  Lots of big time offers – had a solid senior season.  Will see if anything comes from this before introducing him to the board.  I do not think anything will come from this but will touch base from time to time and see what happens. 


November 20th, 2016 [Sunday]

The day I knew Charlie Strong would not be the coach at Texas in 2017.  Tough deal because Chaisson, Wilson, Little, Dobbins and Browning will have no shot at ending up at Texas.


November 27th, 2016 [Sunday]


The day I got the phone call about Stan Drayton being the OC at Texas.  Again, think about my coaching tree folks.  I have used that phrase sooo many times on the boards.  Drayton was at UF, Ohio State and now with the Bears.  Coaching tree once again has been great to me. Does anyone think I was in a position to come out and say within 24-hours of Herman getting hired he would bring in a coach from an NFL team with games left to play?  Hell no. I mean some of this stuff is easy to see I thought.


November 29th, 2016 [Tuesday]


Texas will see the following players today.  Chuck Filiaga, Grant Polley, Tyrese Robinson, Eno Benjamin, Edward Ingram and Austin Deculus.  Sam Ehlinger is also scheduled to go over to Texas and have a sit down with QB Sam Ehlinger.  Kobe Boyce will have a visit from Coach Washington tonight as well.  Walker Little also has UOV set to Texas for this upcoming weekend, the first weekend in December.  Texas TE coach will also have a visit with TE Brock Wright. 


December 1st, 2016 [Thursday]


Brock Wright informed me he is sticking with ND and has no interest in Texas at this time.  If Brian Kelly bolts from ND I will circle back and see if anything has changed. 


BLAME THE MEDIA FOR SURE.  Most people assume, oh the media can't impact where a kid goes to school, etc.  That is why I am telling you this story now.  Chaisson has been a silent commit to Texas for about three months or so.  When Charlie was let go, the kid called Texas to tell them he was still coming to Texas.  Texas, as we all know, ended up letting Strongs guys go from the recruiting team.  Chaisson informed Texas (new staff) about a video interview he was filming, a commit story for the Longhorns. This interview was being shot at the end of November.  Texas reached out to him the day of the shooting and asked how it went.  Chaisson reached out to some people at Texas and wanted to know why his phone was blowing up with people texting him saying he committed to Texas and he was not happy about it telling Texas I thought you guys said you would keep it quiet.  Now, as I write this on December 1st, we will have to wait and see if this changes things for him at all.  This is only ONE example how the media can seriously impact a kids decision.  However, I have also been told that Chaisson will flirt with LSU to the end but that the MAIN reason he will do this is, so NO one knows for sure he is, in fact, going to ink with Texas and only Texas. 


This is when I get in a tough spot.  Can you imagine me coming out in early December and saying what I just said about it being all a bunch of BS and he is not going to LSU??  That would NOT keep me in good standings at all, so it is what it is.  I mean at the end of the day you never know for sure 1000% because it is recruiting.   Chuck Filiaga is taking a UOV this weekend.  They will have multiple kids in this weekend.  Walker Little was coming in as well, but now he can’t attend.  This was the same day Baron Browning announced for Ohio State.  The day the staff change went down the Browning family called the former coaches to tell them they would not take phone calls from Texas and that deal was over.  Marvin Wilson did the same thing.  Marvin also says that Chaisson is going to end up somewhere else but makes total sense if Chaisson was messing with everyone bc he doesn’t want them to know, so that makes sense what he is telling Wilson.  Either way taking late trips to other schools especially with Coach O are a threat no matter the reason, and I bet this thing turns into a media circus at the end of the day. Coach O, in my opinion, is the only other coach I would put on the same level as Clint Hurtt regarding the top recruiting coaches I have ever come across.


December 2nd, 2016 [Friday]


I was told Drayton is going to be the “Co-Oc.”  Which puts me in a bit of a bind as I have told people the OC job has been hired, which it has technically but also means they are going to hire two OC’s.  Got a call today about Drew Mehringer joining the staff in maybe a WR position not sure just that he is coming to Texas on the offensive side of the ball.  Again, I will LOSE THE BATTLE EVERY SINGLE DAY TO WIN THE WAR.  This is why you will not see me break these coaching deals when I could weeks in advance.  It’s tricky but better for me to leave those alone even when I am getting phone calls.


December 5th, 2016 [Monday]


Today was the day Herman hit the road and went to see JK Dobbins.  JK told me the staff was not planning to come to his home only to the school.  Not sure why they did not go to the house, though.  They also went to see Kary Vincent.  They are going to check on numerous guys this week in person, Jalen Reagor, Charleston Rambo, Omar Manning, Chuck Filiga, Walker Little, Zacchaeus McKinney, Trey Stratford.  I would like to see Herman wait as long as possible for his in-home visits he makes unless a kid is scheduled for EE.


December 6th, 2016 [Tuesday]


Staff will see these players on Tuesday –Chuck Filiag, Grant Polley, Zack McKinney, Trey Stratford, Omar Manning and Jalen Reagor. Also, Texas will make an in-home with Walker Little Wednesday at 7 pm with Herman.


December 7th, 2016 [Wednesday]


Today is a big day, in home visit with Walker Little.  Guys they are trying to land also Grant Polley.  They also have the in home with Chuck Filiga today also with Herman.  JK Dobbins, Omar Manning is REAL excited about Texas but seems something was holding him back and I am not sure right now. Looking ahead to a kid they really want --Patrick Fields a S from Tulsa (OK) Union HS.  Reese Leitao, Chase Rogers, and Cade Brewer are three kids they are trying to land right now.  Brewer is going to 100% end up a Texas Longhorn, and it’s not even a question of if but a question of when.  I was told around Christmas time Brewer pops to Texas.  Keep an eye on Sam Cosmi. Chuck Filiaga is not going to Texas.  Cosmi is a kid who will do whatever it takes to play football at the University of Texas.


December 12th, 2016 [Monday]


A player I was told to keep an eye on is DE BJ Thompson from England (AR) England HS a new name for me.  6-foot-6, 2150-pounds. Should make an OV at some point in the future with Texas or at least they are hoping for.  If the kid is receptive, they will recruit and if not they will press forward quickly. Walker Little is not going to Texas.  He has known the Stanford staff for a couple of years and the Texas staff a couple of weeks.  This was the one I was told would stick with Texas regardless of the change because of the mom, location, tradition and all his buddies who will and currently attend Texas but relationships as they always do win out in the end. Where have you heard that before? And I know no theory is 100% so don’t bust my balls about it would ya?  When head coaching changes occur destinations for recruits also change, and that’s simply a fact.  Texas is offering just about everyone under the sun right now.  They are 100% not trying to save any ships for 2017 if they can get the right guys.  I was also told on this day that Toneil Carter was going to Texas.  Let’s see if his HS coach is named the director of high school relations after NSD which is what I have been told.  Everyone close to the Texas program feels 100% confident still on Chaisson.  The important thing to note is he has been silent for a few months now. With Little and Filiaga not going to Texas they will continue to go after Grant Polley, Kerstetter who I was told will walk to Texas to play for the Longhorns and Sam Cosmi.  Kerstetter and Cosmi are slam dunk kind of kids for Texas.


December 19th, 2016 [Tuesday]


Based on what multiple Texas commitments had to say Eno was very salty about the Toneil Carter deal. The reason he was upset from what I was told is that Eno was fully aware that Daniel Young was going to be in this class as well and the chances Texas would allow three RB’s in this class not good.   Was told later this evening about Bimage being in the class.  Also, appears Kary Vincent will not end up flipping from LSU to Texas before all is said and done but keep an eye on Chevin Calloway as he would be the kid they would have the better chance to flip I believe, and that might not even be better than 50/50 which isn’t good.  The first OV weekend back Texas will host the following players.  Chevin Calloway, M. Bimage, Kerstetter, Kobe Boyce, Toneil Carter, Larrell Murchison and Taquon Graham.  Clearly, a ton can change between now and January 13th, but that is the list for now. Larrell is being recruited by Giles, and they are not going to offer him until the OV wknd.  6-foot-4, 295-pounds Louisburg NC

December 20th, 2016 through January 10th, 2017 – Made no entries over the holiday period.


January 10th, 2017 [Monday]


Eight players now scheduled to make OV’s this weekend – Bimage, Calloway, Kerstetter, Boyce, Carter, Gary Johnson, Larrell Murchison and Graham.  Was told again today (Told over holidays) Chaisson was recruiting the entire week at the UA practices in Florida.  LSU seems to think he is not a Texas silent but I know better.  It does not mean 100% he will end up at Texas, but he is 100% and has been 100% a silent commit to Texas, both old staff and new staff.  Listen to what I just said.  A silent commit to BOTH the old and new staff.  That is a HUGE key in this situation, meaning he wants to come to Texas no matter the coach.  Was also told today Texas has a great shot at Ryan Johnson from Alabama.  He is scheduled to take his OV to Texas on the 20th.  They could land Bryan Jones, but Johnson is the priority right now with Chaisson.  I do not think they will end up pursuing Jones though if they land Chaisson and hold Graham which could end up being a battle to the last OV weekend.  Was also told about a bunch of RB’s Texas is going to offer such as Zamir White, Lorenzo Lingard, Fabian Franklin, Ricky Slade, Jaelen Gill and TJ Pledger.  All will be offered sooner or later.  Ricky is the only one they would like to get more film on.


January 13th, 2017 [OV Weekend]


This was the weekend I was in Charlotte (NC) for the weekend.  Also the same weekend I found out Gary Johnson intentions of being a Texas Longhorn and shot out the Patience tweet. The weekend trips went great, and all the players and I do mean all the players were hosting recruits that weekend felt they would land Grant Polley, but it wasn’t meant to be as he is already telling people he plans to stick with Colorado which is hard for me to believe honestly.  They also believe Chevin Calloway is coming to Texas – we may need to work on the way they read recruits moving forward as far as some of the players go because I was told CC would end up elsewhere by others outside of Texas.  I am joking about reading players clearly because everything usually goes great on these visits but man alive.  They threw everything they could at Gary Johnson and are really wanting to land this kid and will, the hard work paid off for the coaches and oh by the way it will be a surprise for the coaches.  The way you will know this is simple.  Gary Johnson will commit to Texas “PRIOR” to anyone at Texas, coach or staff member tweeting about landing a new commit.  That flood of tweets from Texas coaches will come AFTER this one commits.  Up to this point everyone else who has committed to Texas you see the coaches tweeting about it first then the kid shortly after.  That is not how this one will go down or at least that is not how it’s supposed to happen, but we will see.


January 17th, 2017 [Tuesday]


Drew Mehringer in-home with WR Jordan Pouncey and this deal was over before it even begun.  #LetsRide and it was done.  Pouncey to Texas – All that was left was his upcoming OV the weekend of the 20th.  Was also told about a couple more JUCO players to keep an eye on.  One of them is 6-foot-5,320-pound Kamilo Tongamoa a DT from Merced who is currently committed to Iowa State at the moment and is a four-star player.  He has been committed since August. 


DT Kamilo Tongamoa:


Was also told about a couple more JUCO players to keep an eye on.  One of them is 6-foot-5, 320-pound Kamilo Tongamoa a DT from Merced who is currently committed to Iowa State at the moment and is a four-star player.  He has been committed since August.  Will have three years to play two. Originally from Sun Valley (Calif.) Poly, he was the CIF Los Angeles City Section Defensive Player of the year as a linebacker his senior year of high school. He was set to sign with Colorado State in last year's class, but returned to Merced and has now given Iowa State his verbal.


Eval: This is a very athletic big man, and he would have been one of the best additions to the 2016 class at Colorado State. But reclassifying as a 2017 prospect led to more offers and he is a P5 level type of talent. A former high school linebacker Tongamoa seems to run and move like a guy who just does not know or feel like he is well over 300 pounds. He closes the distance quickly, and his long arms allow him to track down ball carriers. Listed as a DT, he is one who could also end up playing some strongside or jumbo defensive end as well.  We like how he plays in space for a big man, and his long arms allow him to fend off offensive linemen. Needs to continue to work on technique, pad level and get off, but his size, athleticism, and strength are the attributes that you cannot coach.  Greg Powers. 


They were trying to get him to take an OV the 20th weekend but now appears like he will not visit Texas moving forward.  This is just one of many examples of things that go on behind the scenes that the public/media are not aware of – recruiting is constantly changing every direction you can imagine. 


January 18th, 2017 [Wednesday]


No one was aware, but DC Todd Orlando was in Georgia today, spending the day in Atlanta with Gary Johnson's mother.  Coaches do not want some of this stuff out there in the media with 14 days to go until NSD, so I wait.  See, I must also have some patience. 


January 20th, 2017 [Friday]


Day gets started with a bang as finally, Gary Johnson decided to go public and pull the trigger for Texas just as the OV’s were getting started.  Stan Drayton was in Florida this week and offered FSU verbal Justin Watkins, a stud RB from the Ocala area.  Coach Herman went on the radio today, this morning and said 12 OV’s were coming in this weekend, but only ten are going to attend.  The one I can tell you that will be a no show is Stephan Zabie…The 10 OV’s for this weekend will be the following players.  Josh Thompson, Damion Miller, Javelin Guidry, Jordan Pouncey, K’Lavon Chaisson, Derek Young, Max Cummings, Cade Brewer and Brandon Henderson. 


January 21st, 2017 [Saturday]


I was told once again Chaisson had told others on his Texas OV that he was never going to LSU.  Only portrayed the appearance of LSU as a possible destination to mess with the Texas media.  He told everyone on his OV that was his plan.  It is a very confusing deal for sure because he says he does this to mess with Texas media but what if he is a double spy lol.  I mean it is recruiting, so it makes things a bit more difficult.  Recruiting is crazy for sure, but following the bread crumbs this one is and has been Texas for several months even through the coaching change, so I will stick with Texas for now.  But, in my experience when a kid is trying so hard behind closed doors to give off a certain perception it ends up being BS.  What I know as factual information is he committed silently in September.  Once the coaching change took place, he also called Texas again to make sure the deal was still good between Texas and himself and his family because he told them he was coming to Texas no matter what – those things happened, and it’s not my opinion, but I am starting to have cause for concern.


January 23rd, 2017 [Monday]


What I was sent on this day –


Pouncey - I think the kid is all in on Texas.  You allude in your posts there might be some outside influences that might keep him away from Austin.  Not sure what you are talking about, but my observations is that his mother wasn't as enthusiastic about Texas.  You can tell he adores his mother (who I think is a school teacher) and I sense she has great influence on him.  I could be wrong, and she just has a great poker face, but I suspect she not fond of the idea of him going that far away from home.  Great kid, though!  Liked him.


Chaisson - Hard to read.  He never seemed to engage all the way with the other recruits. It was like he wanted to but purposefully tried to stay just a little distant.  Never saw a single smile out of his mother.  During the academic support presentation, KC was totally uninterested and frankly paid zero attention.  In fact, while all the recruits were in one room hearing about the computers available for their use KC was sitting out in the lobby looking at this cell phone.  Read into all of that what you want, but he didn't look like a kid that was excited to be there and his mother simply looked unimpressed IMO.  My read is that he is not coming to Texas OR he and his mother are just very reserved and quiet people.


Vincent - From what I could tell, he was genuinely interested and engaged.  Not sure if that translates into a flip, but I got clear impression that he enjoyed himself.


Seemed like everybody else there were TX commits and just enjoying themselves.


January 24th, 2017 [Tuesday]


It appears Ryan Johnson and Cosmi will be the only two players taking OV’s with Texas this weekend.  They do not have the relationships established with enough players to get to the 20 mark unless they take some reaches in my opinion.  Ryan Johnson's mother wants him close to home, and the kid is intrigued with Stanford which tells me Texas is out if they don’t blow him away on the OV.  Cosmi is a no-brainer, and it’s all about getting him on campus, and it’s a done deal.  Have a not so good feeling based on what I was sent yesterday about the last group of OV’s, in particular, Chaisson.  I just cant believe a kid could carry out a plan like this, with this much attention to detail.  It’s all right there with him inking with LSU, but the Texas recruits are convinced/believing what he’s telling them and the Texas coaching staff. 


Monday, January 30th, 2017 [Monday]


I was told today – they could not believe Herman did end up allowing Vincent to make an OV with Chaisson.  He recruited Chaisson the entire trip.  Usually if you bring in a kid committed to another school, you keep a CLOSE eye on him to make sure he is not doing what everyone in the world says he’s going to do, but apparently, Texas did not keep an eye on him from what people told me who were there. Marvin Wilsons camp continues to say and maintain Chaisson was never going to Texas which we all know is not true because the kid committed to not one but two Texas coaching staffs.  Again, this is Chaisson himself putting that stuff out behind closed doors, so people think he’s going to LSU.  I must admit I am questioning myself and the way I am reading this entire situation.  Is this kid a double secret spy for real lol He went into his Texas OV all Texas, and that was backed up for me when I was told he was recruiting Vincent to Texas.  How could that be possible if he was never going to Texas and was ONLY going to LSU – It would not have happened that way. He was recruiting Vincent to come to Texas with him I was told. How could he be so influenced though during one OV weekend to Texas, unless he truly did not feel it which is what was described to me a few days prior?


Even knowing everything I know it’s hard for me to change my pick from Texas to LSU.  Chaisson has always wanted to come to Texas and committed to Charlie and crew in September and RE-Committed after the coaching change AND told all the Texas kids on his OV he was never going to LSU just screwing with the media. When I was told


“In fact, while all the recruits were in one room hearing about the computers available for their use KC was sitting out in the lobby looking at this cell phone.”


I thought how could this even be possible?  Where are the people giving the tour or coaches or player hosts?  This scenario did not even make sense to me.  Then I went back and read this message again.


Chaisson - Hard to read.  He never seemed to engage all the way with the other recruits. It was like he wanted to but purposefully tried to stay just a little distant.  Never saw a single smile out of his mother.  During the academic support presentation, KC was totally uninterested and frankly paid zero attention.  In fact, while all the recruits were in one room hearing about the computers available for their use KC was sitting out in the lobby looking at this cell phone.  Read into all of that what you want, but he didn't look like a kid that was excited to be there and his mother simply looked unimpressed IMO.  My read is that he is not coming to Texas OR he and his mother are just very reserved and quiet people.


This got me thinking!  Could his plan have ended up backfiring?  Could all his time spent talking about LSU to recruits and coaches made such an impact on him he is considering LSU?  Why on earth would he act this way on his OV?  This seems like such an elaborate scheme no kid could come up with.  I mean there has to be something there if this is indeed the truth regarding his behavior and I believe the information is 100% accurate.  My point is simple; no high school kid can “hatch” such an elaborate scheme like this so that people think he is going to another school.  Point being – this kid seems to be all LSU and his actions behind closed doors tell me exactly that, but Texas thinks he’s coming. 


Kary Vincent did NOT tell me he “landed” Chaisson, but in so many words he did give me that impression when I asked about Chaisson….and this is after Vincent not responding to any of my questions for about six weeks.  Again, it’s VERY hard for me to imagine a high school kid came in and pulled a fast one on the coaching staff and worked 100% against what they were trying to do with another recruit.


This is exactly what happened; He took the OV to Texas to 1000% recruit Chaisson.  The first day they were at Texas Chaisson was “actually” talking to Vincent about being two “Texas boys, ” and what Texas could do for them and they should go to Texas.  That lasted all of about 12 hours because after that it was all LSU and them talking about LSU.  Chaisson said the entire Texas visit was forced and didn’t seem real.  At LSU everything was natural and free flowing, and at Texas, it seemed fake/forced and totally not natural.  Chaisson told Kary this past weekend it’s over I am going to LSU.  Now, at some point, the joke is up right?  Is he going to carry this thing all the way to NSD by telling both LSU commits AND Texas commits he is coming?  Apparently, he is because I have screen shots saying he is coming to Texas (Today) and this should NOT surprise me because it’s been the plan for FIVE months time, but this entire deal stinks.


The fact remains they were 100% confident Chaisson would stick to his original commitment back in September, and it changed for me somewhat (When I heard they were cautiously optimistic – that was a big change) during the OV wknd. It was not all confirmed for me until just now at 12:08 pm ET when I got the call I was waiting on to confirm what I was thinking and hearing from other people outside of Texas.


At one point during the OV Saturday night Chaisson went out on his own (how they allowed that is beyond me) and met up with Kary later that night and the two were throwing up the “L” in Austin (Texas) all night. He is going out of his way to make everyone think LSU is the destination.  The thing I have learned about recruiting is when someone is working so hard to convince you of something it usually is not accurate.  I will admit even knowing ALL that I know it’s tough to maintain Texas because of all the smoke screens he is throwing out.  I was also told it might be an issue for Chaisson to be a part of the class because he is concerned about it being full of three-star kids he said.  Again, part of the “game” or does he feel this way.  I don’t give him credit for being smart enough to make these things up meaning his bad time on the OV, and his comments are his real feelings which means he isn’t coming to Texas. 


So now I am looking back and thinking about the story told to me about what Chaisson said and did with Vincent during the OV weekend.  K’Lavon Chaisson was working Kary Vincent to go to Texas the first day they were at Texas with no response by Vincent – He did not budge.  Chaisson gave it the old college try to see if he could sway Vincent. Again, this goes along with everything I know which is Chaisson continues to tell Texas players, recruits and coaches he is going to Texas and has been committed since September. This was a game Chaisson was willing to see through to the end, and unfortunately, on NSD, someone is going to have the rug pulled right out from underneath their noses. Anyone remember the Tweet sent out by Kary Vincent about shocking the world?  Well, you guessed it – Sunday Chaisson called and informed LSU that he is committing and going to sign with LSU.  I have been told just about every single person making predictions is going to Texas.  That does not sound like shocking the world to me.  The more I write about this situation, the more it appears it’s going to be LSU for sure, and the kid simply wants to stick it to Texas for the video situation.  Then why the hell am I going with the Longhorns?


January 31st, 2017 [Tuesday]


Short and sweet.  I received more screen shots from different people showing that Chaisson is still telling them he is coming to Texas.  Also, the Herman twitter post last night about the phone ringing off the hook or something like that was in regards to Chaisson calling Herman last night to let him know he’s all Texas.  Quick Recap – Sunday Chaisson calls to tell LSU he's coming to LSU and he is telling LSU commits.  Monday he calls Texas to tell them he's committing to Texas, and he’s telling Texas commits.  He is also telling some people to have on LSU shirts while others Texas shirts for NSD press conference.  I was also told during the Cosmi OV Chaisson was hitting up Cosmi and trying to recruit him to commit to Texas. Chaisson has an ax to grind with Texas over his video commitment deal he did to Texas.  This thing has changed ever since then, and he played them because of it all the way to the end. He did not want people to know where he was going.  It’s not an accident you are going to see everyone make final predictions for Texas for this kid and everyone will more than likely be wrong.  I believe the play is LSU for sure.  I just don’t think I can predict LSU.


10:43 pm Update – Was told Chaisson is wavering big time right now on Texas – Chaisson camp got word to Texas through the kid's trainer.  Don’t think I have ever mentioned this before but his GF is going to Texas State. I should pick LSU after hearing this latest news with Texas worrying.  NOT TO MENTION MY NOVEMBER 20TH ENTRY.


1:34 am Update --With everything I have laid out my brain tells me one thing and my gut another.  I am going with my brain for some stupid reason and reluctantly picking Texas, but I do not feel good about it at all.  Not at all and not even sure why I am picking Texas.  I have talked to Greg, Gabe, Chip, Taylor and Allen and told every single one of them I want to pick LSU.  I have never stayed away from picking exactly what “all” the information tells me, and I am not sure why I am now.  On a side note, Texas reached out to Jamari Chisholm tonight and offered him, so I expect him to be in this class and ink with Texas on NSD.

February 4th, 2017 [Saturday]

2018 Offers -- Few New Ones -- Texas is expecting BIG TIME visitors Feb 25th for Junior day.  BIG TIME and LOTS OF THEM.

Four-Star Joey Gatewood QB 6-foot-3 205-pounds Bartram Trail HS Jacksonville FL
Four-Star Casey Thompson QB 6-foot 185-pounds Southmoore HS Moore OK
Four-Star Justin Fields QB 6-foot-3 210-pounds Harrison HS Kennesaw GA
Four-Star Zadock Dinkelmann QB 6-foot-4 200-pounds Somerset HS Somerset  Texas
Four-Star Lorenzo Lingard RB  6-foot-1 180-pounds University HS Orange City FL
Four-Star TJ Pledger RB 5-foot-9 185-pounds IMG Academy Bradenton FL
Four-Star Jaelen Gill RB 6-foot-1 180-pounds Westerville-South HS Westerville OH
Four-Star Justin Watkins RB 6-foot 170-pounds Vanguard HS Ocala FL
Four-Star Keontay Ingram RB 6-foot 190-pounds Carthage HS Carthage Texas
Four-Star Joshua Moore WR 6-foot-1 160-pounds Yoakum HS Yoakum Texas
Four-Star Jermaine Eskridge WR 6-foot-3 185-pounds Thomas Jefferson HS Tampa  FL
Four-Star Brennan Eagles WR 6-foot-3 210-pounds Taylor HS Houston Texas
Four-Star CJ  Moore WR 6-foot-4 175-pounds Union HS Tulsa OK
Four-Star Kamryn Babb WR 6-foot-1 190-pounds Christian Brothers College HS St. Louis MO
Four-Star Jaylen Waddle WR 5-foot-9 170-pounds Episcopal High School Bellaire Texas
Four-Star Terrace Marshall WR 6-foot-4 190-pounds Parkway HS Bossier City  LA
Four-Star Al'Vonte Woodard WR 6-foot-1 182-pounds Lamar HS Houston Texas
Four-Star Jalen Preston WR 6-foot-2 210-pounds Manvel HS Manvel Texas
Four-Star Erik Ezukanma WR 6-foot-2 180-pounds Timber Creek Timber Creek Texas
Three-Star Jaquayln Crawford WR/CB 5-foot-10 165-pounds Rockdale HS Rockdale Texas
Four-Star Brevin Jordan TE 6-foot-3 225-pounds Bishop Gorman HS Las Vegas NV
Four-Star Jeremy Ruckert TE 6-foot-5 220-pounds Lindenhurst  Lindenhurst NY
Four-Star Mustapha Muhammad TE 6-foot-5 225-pounds Ridge Point HS Missouri City Texas
NR Malcolm Epps TE 6-foot-6 220-pounds Andy Dekaney HS Houston Texas
Three-Star Trey Stratford 6-foot-3 271-pounds Allen HS Allen Texas
NR Rafiti Ghirmai OT 6-foot-5 285-pounds Wakeland HS Frisco Texas
Three-Star Chasen Hines C 6-foot-3 340-pounds Marshall HS Marshall Texas
Four-Star Jack Carman OT 6-foot-6 290-pounds Fairfield OH Fairfield OH
Four-Star Nana Asiedu OT 6-foot-6 270-pounds North Stafford HS Stafford VA
Four-Star Trey Hill OG 6-foot-4 330-pounds Houston CO HS Warner Robins GA
Four-Star Barton Clement OG 6-foot-2 304-pounds Marshall HS Missouri City Texas
Three-Star Will Lawrence OG 6-foot-3 295-pounds Harding Academy Memphis TN
Four-Star Kenyon Green OT 6-foot-5 290-pounds Atascocita HS Humble Texas
Four-Star Tre Douglas CB 6-foot-2 183-pounds Eagles Landing Christian Academy McDonough GA
Four-Star Christian Tutt CB 5-foot-11 180-pounds Thomson HS Thomson GA
Four-Star Bookie Radley-Hiles CB 5-foot-10 175-pounds IMG Academy Bradenton FL
Four-Star D'Shawn Jamison CB 5-foot-10 170-pounds Lamar HS Houston Texas
Four-Star Jalen Green CB 6-foot 171-pounds Reagan HS Houston Texas
Four-Star Anthony Cook CB 6-foot- 170-pounds Lamar HS Lamar Texas
Three-Star Patrick Fields S 6-foot-1 190-pounds Union HS Tulsa OK
Four-Star Caden Sterns S/ATH 6-foot-1 175-pounds Steele HS Cibolo Texas
Four-Star Atanza Vongor S/ATH 6-foot-1 193-pounds Grand Prairie HS Grand Prairie Texas
Four-Star Josh  Proctor S 6-foot-2 185-pounds Owasso HS  Owasso OK
NR Demarvion Overshown S/ATH 6-foot-2 190-pounds Arp HS Arp Texas
Four-Star BJ Foster S/ATH 6-foot-2 180-pounds Angleton HS Angleton Texas
Four-Star Jordan  Moore 5-foot-11 170-pounds Yoakum HS Yoakum Texas
Four-Star Myles Sims S 6-foot-3 173-pounds Westlake HS Atlanta GA
Four-Star Leon O'Neal 6-foot-3 190-pounds Cypress Creek HS Cypress Texas
Five-Star Palaie  Gaoteote LB 6-foot-2 210-pounds Bishop Gorman HS Las Vegas NV
Four-Star Alston Orji LB 6-foot-2 215-pounds Rockwall HS Rockwall Texas
Four-Star Jerell Cherry LB 6-foot-3 220-pounds David W Carter HS Dallas Texas
Four-Star Teradja Mitchell LB 6-foot-2 237-pounds Bishop Sullivan Catholic HS Virginia Beach VA 
Four-Star Ron Tatum DE 6-foot-4 250-pounds Putnam City HS Oklahoma City OK
Three-Star Ronnie  Perkins DE 6-foot-4 260-pounds Lutheran HS North St. Louis MO
Four-Star Tyreke Smith DE 6-foot-4 255-pounds Cleveland Heights HS University Heights OH
Four-Star Max  Wright DE 6-foot-4 245-pounds James Taylor HS Katy Texas
Four-Star Bobby Brown DT 6-foot-3 270-pounds Lamar HS Lamar Texas
Three-Star Calvin Avery DT 6-foot-2 310-pounds Biship Dunne HS Dallas Texas
Four-Star Keondre Coburn DT 6-foot-1 326-pounds Westfield HS Houston Texas
Four-Star Trevor Trout DT 6-foot-4  295-pounds Chaminade College Prep St. Louis MO
Five-Star Taron Vincent DT 6-foot-2 285-pounds IMG Academy Bradenton FL 

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