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Texas Longhorns Head Coach Tom Herman's Message to 2018 Recruits: The Revolution Is Now #RevolUTion18

Tom Herman sends a message to the Longhorns' 2018 recruiting class: "The revolution is now."

It appears the University of Texas is joining the likes of other college football programs, creating its own 2018 recruiting class specific hashtag for use on social media.

First year head coach Tom Herman tweeted the Longhorns' new hashtag - #RevolUTion18 - with a message to prospects. 

"Class of 2018: Our Team. Your Time. The revolution is now. #RevolUTion18"


While it may only be a hashtag, this is yet another example of Texas football's continued focus on revamping its social media presence. 

If you follow recruits on social media, you know firsthand the majority of prospects feed off of social attention. And any schools not utilizing this tool are doing itself a disservice.

Texas has been behind in this department for several years, but those days are gone. It is obvious Herman and his staff recognize the importance of maintaining a continual social media presence - appealing to both recruits and fans.

Even if it doesn't mean much to you personally, Texas fans should be excited to see Herman's attention to increasing this valuable tool for recruiting.



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