Spotlight: State's Top 2018 DE Max Wright

Four-star 2018 defensive end Max Wright of Katy Taylor, who attended Texas' Junior Day, spoke to HD about how he feels about the Longhorns and how he's repeatedly turned a negative into a positive.

On February 8th, the Katy Taylor product native provided a list of schools he was interested in (random order): Texas, Texas A&M, Georgia, Ohio State, Oklahoma and Alabama. After attending Texas' Junior Day, Wright said UT is "very high" on his list.


Whether it was an ATV accident as a 7-year-old that resulted in a severe foot injury or tearing his ACL as a sophomore at James Taylor HS in Katy, Wright has shown he can overcome adversity and doubt.

“My ACL tear tested me mentally and physically,” Wright said.


“When I was seven years old, I had an accident on a Yamaha Polaris Ranger. My sister and I were riding and we rolled it. It crushed my foot. My foot was basically pulled off the bone.”


“I was in the ICU for two weeks and the hospital for almost two months. The doctors didn’t know if I would be able walk or run the same. At seven years old, it was almost the prime age for little league.


“It was really hard for me and my family. Life can change very fast.”


Ultimately, at 7 years old, Wright took a very mature approach to his foot injury.


“It made me humble. It made me appreciate everything,” Wright said.


And then, with his foot fully recovered, Wright grew into a body - thanks to a 5-inch growth spurt in high school - that had his own coaches and then coaches everywhere taking note.


“When I started high school I was six feet tall," Wright said. "I probably would have played quarterback or running back, but I grew and now I’m six-foot-five and a half.


“In junior high, they played me wherever they could. When I was in eighth grade. Our high school coach pegged me as an offensive tackle. He said that I was not athletic enough to play defensive end.


“That definitely gave me some sort of drive.”


As a freshman at James Taylor, Wright was a tight end.


“I do think that I am a pretty good athlete, more versatile than playing offensive line," Wright said. "My freshman year, I went in the game for the two point conversion as a receiver because the other guy wasn’t there. I didn’t even know the play. They threw a jump ball to me and I snagged it.”


As a sophomore, Wright was growing into a defensive end's body. And then he tore his ACL, which Wright says forced him to develop as a player.


“When I started playing defensive end in high school, I couldn’t bull rush, or take on double teams. I was a straight speed guy. The injury made me develop my game.


“I was strong, just skinny. I didn’t take on hard blockers. The injury shaped me into being a more versatile player. It took me a while to get my speed back.”


Wright said different coaches thought he as an offensive lineman or a tight end. But he says he's at home at defensive end.


“I like to attack and apply the blow, not take it. As a defensive end, I get to attack. One time, my mom said, are you sure you want to keep getting hit like that on the offensive line?”


“I don't like playing offensive line. Tight end, that’s enough blocking for me.”


No one needs to question if Wright loves football. 

“I like the violence of football. you can unleash stuff," Wright said. "When you get mad you can hit them. There’s a lot of passion and it’s very raw. I fell in love with football.”

Wright told HD his mom and dad were most impactful in molding him into the man he is today.

“My dad has really shaped me into the man I am. He taught me how to treat people (Max said his dad was thumping his chest jokingly in the background).”

“He was very disciplinary. The only way was his way and his way is the right way.”

“My mom is an amazing woman. Every college coach says she’s very intimidating. She’s awesome.”




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