Max Cummins Goes In-Depth on his Future with the Longhorns

Checking in at 6-foot-6, 250-pounds from Fort Worth (Texas) All Saints’ Episcopal School defensive end Max Cummins leaves it all on the field.

Defensive end Max Cummins is more than ready for the next chapter in his life.

“There aren't really any words that truly describe how excited and ready I am to start the next chapter,” Max Cummins said. “As soon as we got workout packets, I started to realize what I was about to do.  This realization made me want to be the most prepared and ready recruit that has ever set foot on the 40 Acres.

Cummins brings what Texas was looking for, length and athletic ability with a blue-collar mentality type of work ethic.

“There isn’t really a set plan for me yet, because in the game of football the coaches have to watch me work and be able to coach me before any decisions are made, but the general plan is to be there for the summer, keep putting on good weight and fit into the DE position that they want me to play,” Cummins said.  “I've played in a similar defense before, so learning the scheme will not be the hardest part of my time as a Longhorn.  Right now I'm right at 6’6” and 250lbs, and I plan to be around 260lbs and faster/quicker the day we report.”

The buzz created by the arrival of Tom Herman is apparent with the fan base and recruits.

“With any new coaching staff there is going to be a buzz, but I've been building my relationship with these coaches for almost eighteenth months now,” Cummins said. “When they were at Houston they were recruiting me, so I got a jumpstart on building the good relationship we have.  Right now the coaches are very busy with spring ball starting, but I've been in touch with them about once a week, and I also got to be at the Junior Day for an hour or so to say hello.”

What is Cummins most looking forward to about his time spent in Austin?

“There are a lot of things that I look forward to, but being on my own and accountable for myself and my actions along with playing at the greatest university on the planet is what I'm most excited about,” Cummins said. “Some of the fans may have been disappointed with this recruiting class or with the pickup of myself, but I assure you that myself and this whole recruiting class will not be a bust.  I am not working six days a week to be a backup or a loser.  I'm working to be a champion and help my team win a championship and return to the glory that we are working so hard to get.” 

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