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Notes From Day 2 Of Texas Longhorns Spring Football Practice

HornsDigest.com has the latest news coming the Longhorns' Thursday practice, wrapping up Day 2 of Texas Spring Football.

HornsDigest.com was allowed to watch a brief portion of Thursday's practice, which is the final one before the Texas Longhorns take next week off for spring break. 

Here's what we were able to gather.

Injury Update

Safety Jason Hall has suffered a "fairly significant" hamstring injury and will miss the remainder of Spring. 




Spring Practice Nuggets

- Tom Herman spent the majority of practice with the offense, closely watching the quarterbacks and wide receivers. This is obviously very different from how Charlie Strong spent practice, considering Strong was almost solely focused on the opposite side of the ball.

- While QBs and WRs worked through their route tree, Herman stopped the drills to personally show the receivers how they should be running their route. 

- Shane Buechele was the first QB out during two-minute drills, followed by early-enrollee Sam Ehlinger. For the second practice in a row, all of the quarterbacks wore braces on their left knees.

- OC Tim Beck and O-Line coach Derek Warehime were pressing the offense to go faster and faster during two-minute drills. The team looked to be keeping up with the tempo just fine, which shouldn't be that difficult since it was used to running uptempo last season.

- In the two practices I have watched, Drew Mehringer seems to be really hands on with the wide receivers. I've now seen him running along side of guys in drills at both Tuesday and Thursday's practice. 

Taylor Estes - HornsDigest.com

- Jason Washington is another coach I noticed being very hands on with the players. He was stressing to the cornerbacks to stay low in drills. (And the first guys running through drills were Holton Hill and Davante Davis. See Chip's note below.)




I've got to say - after watching Shane Buechele and Sam Ehlinger up close Thursday, really studying their throwing motion, release, velocity, footwork, eye control (looking off the D) - even in drills where the opposition is nothing-but-air - I've gotta say I now understand why Tom Herman has already decided why he won't name a starter until at least the first week of fall camp.




Yes, it's only the second spring practice.

Yes, they're wearing helmets, no pads and the equivalent of compression shorts or burnt orange Tour de France cycling pants.

Yes, not a single tackle has been made yet in spring football.

But here's the deal and here's the real .... There is film from the first spring practice ... We know this staff "doesn't miss" - because Tom Herman tells us so ALL THE TIME.

So there could've been a shakeup in who lines up first for drills in Thursday's practice. And....

Holton Hill and Davante Davis were first in line for all the cornerback drills (usually reserved for starters).

And may I add that Davante Davis absolutely LOOKS like an NFL corner. I mean that kid ... is ...put ... together. God was in a good mood when Davante Davis came through the assembly line.

Now, we know from Tom Herman yelling his name during "stretch" last practice that Davis was one of the many reasons the whole team had to repeat their 10-yard (but really 12-yard) sprint after stretch.

So, the fact he was still first in line on Thursday - who knows?

Just sayin.


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