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Here's PART 1 of the notes on the Texas Longhorns' first spring scrimmage ....

How bout a little bull in the ring to start things off:


Zach Shackleford got the best of Naashon Hughes, but it was close

Chris Warren, who got the best of Malik Jefferson on Tuesday, got the best of Anthony Wheeler.

Collin Johnson got the best of John Bonney.

Erick Fowler got the best of Elijah Rodriguez - like destroyed him.

Same for The Kraken (DeShon Elliott) who steam-rolled Lorenzo Joe.

The final matchup saw RT Tristan Nickelson get the best of Andrew Fitzgerald. So the coaches handed the championship belt to Nickelson and the offense for the most overall wins.




In other news .... at Tight End:


TE Peyton Aucoin (88) wasn't at Saturday's scrimmage - at least not the early part.

And from what I heard today, he has a lot of work to do to even be missed.

At TE, with Andrew Beck (foot) still limited, it was Garrett Gray working with the 1s and walk-on Michael Wilson (82) working with the 2s.




On punt returns...


Armanti Foreman was the first one up, followed by Reggie Hemphill, then Jerrod Heard.

Interestingly , the first gunners on punt team were Brandon Jones and Antwuan Davis . The second gunners were Kris Boyd ... and ... Devin Duvernay.


If you want an indication of how important special teams are to this staff, you not only had Devin
Duvernay as a gunner on punt team ...

... you also had on the line for punt team - blocking and then pursuing downfield: Malik, John Bonney, D Elliott, Ed Freeman, PJ Locke and Naashon Hughes.


The second line out for punt team included B Hager, Chris Brown , M Roach, Collin Johnson, Lil'Jordan Humphrey, Jeffrey McCulloch and A Wheeler.




Today, the first three rotations of the DL were:


1 - LDE Malcolm Roach, NT Poona Ford, RDE Chris Nelson


2 - LDE Charles Omenihu, NT Jordan Elliott, RDE D'Andre Christmas


3 - LDE Andrew Fitzgerald, NT Chris Daniels, RDE Gerald Wilbon




First team OL (no surprise):


LT C Williams, LG P Vahe, C Z Shackleford, RG Jake McMillon, RT Tristan Nickelson


Second team OL (little surprises):


LT JP Urquidez, LG E Rodriguez, C Terrell Cuney, RG Patrick Hudson, RT Denzel Okafor

(UT later announced that RT Brandon Hodges is taking a little time off from football to focus on his academics.)




At WR ... in the 3W set:


1 - OWRs Collin Johnson and J Heard, SLOT Devin Duvernay


2- OWRs Lil'Jordan Humphrey and John Burt, SLOT A Foreman




At QB ... Shane Buechele was the first to take reps with the 1s, followed by Sam Ehlinger




On defense in the secondary to start off the scrimmage...


It was Davante Davis at LCB and Kris Boyd at RCB.

DeShon Elliott at Field Safety and John Bonney at Boundary Safety with PJ Locke as the nickel.


The Second defensive unit in the secondary:


Holton Hill at LCB and Eric Cuffee at RCB.

Chris Brown at field safety and Brandon Jones at boundary safety with Antwuan Davis at nickel.




The first team LBs in nickel:


OLB Naashon Hughes, MLB B Hager, ILB M Jefferson


Second team LBs in nickel:


OLB J McCulloch, MLB Erick Fowler, ILB Anthony Wheeler




In conclusion ...

It's early and a lot is changing. Players are being tried at different positions. The depth chart fluctuates from practice to practice. But these are some nuggets from early in Saturday's practice.



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