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Spring Scrimmage No. 1 Notes - Part 2 ...

Individual player and plays notes from Saturday's scrimmage (as passed along by a couple students here at HD) who attended today's students-only scrimmage: 
Tristian Houston had several drops in warm ups and didn't get any looks in team drills  - as it turns out, because of an ankle injury (see post on scrimmage injuries). Walk-on Trenton Hafley got the third-team RB reps. 
Devin Duvernay got a lot of work from the slot. They put him in motion several times. No drops. Caught a TD in red zone drills on a pick route to the outside. 
Kyle Porter got a lot of work catching the ball out of the backfield and showed a nice burst on a couple of runs. Although, on a third and goal from the one, he fumbled. 
Warren was largely bottled up. Caught one pass out of the backfield. Was shaken up and limped off near the end of team drills. Also had a fumble that was caused by Jeffrey McCulloch, playing outside linebacker behind Naashon Hughes. And McCulloch had the more productive day. More on that in a moment.
Sophomore C Zach Shackleford needed help getting up from his ankle injury. Walked off but didn't return.
Backup C Terrell Cuney did not look good. Snaps all over the place in his absence. 
Malik Jefferson was solid against the run alongside Breckyn Hager. Jefferson's most notable individual play was a  batted pass/pass breakup of QB Sam Ehlinger.
Malcolm Roach was a monster with three TFLs and one sack.
Christmas was inside on third team. Had one bat down. 
McColluch had a really nice day near the end sacking Ehlinger twice off the edge. 
Holton Hill had a couple of nice plays on deep balls. 
Lots of defensive back blitzes. Bonney with several successful ones. 
Jason Hall (hamstring) was in tennis shoes on the sideline. 
Each QB had some good throws and plenty that got away from them. 
Shane Buechele ran with the 1s and looked crisp overall. But the first-team D was able to get a lot of pressure. 
Buechele led the team to more scoring drives. Had two really nice TD throws - 1) a back-shoulder pass to Dorian Leonard for a TD and 2) a fade to Collin Johnson in the right corner of the end zone.  
Collin Johnson had a huge day. Looked like a monster. Nice toe-tap on the TD catch. Used body well against CB Davante Davis. Collin Johnson had one, long 50-yard bomb on a perfect deep ball from Buechele, but he didn't maintain that catch to the ground, so they ruled it incomplete. But he burned CB Kris Boyd on the play.
Buechele had one nice run on a keeper. But Ehlinger looked really mobile in the pocket. Today, Shane looked more in control. 
There were five false start penalties - mostly on the offensive line.
Walk-on QB Josh Covey, who was mentioned by Tom Herman as a possible No. 3 QB option, came in for one series. Threw two incompletions and a pick-six by LB Cam Townsend on a screen. Looked fine in warm ups. Wasn't working with a whole lot of weapons...but still.  
Jerrod Heard had a 45-yard catch on a beautiful post pattern throw from Ehlinger. 
John Burt and Dorian Leonard each had drops on comeback routes. Although Burt did have a terrific diving catch on a play where Ehlinger threw back across the middle of the field. Ehlinger wasn't afraid and looked mobile in the pocket. 
Reggie Hemphill caught probably the most passes of the day from the slot. None for longer than 10 yards, but looked good.
Armanti Foreman had one TD on a slant that he turned upfield and beat Erick Fowler to the pylon. 
Andrew Beck was in for blocking often. Garrett Gray actually got the ball thrown to him twice on slants coming off the goal line. Buechele missed Gray for a TD once. 
Walk-on TE Michael Wilson got thrown one pass and dropped it. 
Antwaun Davis showed up twice. Once with a huge hit on a screen. Ended practice by picking off Ehlinger trying to force a ball to Hemphill inside. 
Josh Rowland was 3/3 from PAT/FG. 
Herman was very involved but not overly vocal. But then again you couldn't hear much because of the music. 
Defense won the day 37-29 according to the coaches in their end of practice meeting. 
Herman did chew out Andrew Beck for not looking at Yancy McKnight while McKnight was talking to them about their schedule. Dropped a few F bombs.
A few more scrimmage observations ... 


Buechele put together a drive on his second series with the first team, throwing beautiful deep balls to Collin Johnson and Dorian Leonard, before ending the drive with a touch pass to Leonard near the right sideline in the corner of the end zone for a touchdown.



Ehlinger followed that up with a long drive of his own, beginning with a tight spiral on a deep seam route to John Burt. Ehlinger displayed poise under pressure and delivered the ball where only Burt could catch it. Burt made a spectacular diving catch for a gain of more than 30 yards. Ehlinger ended the drive on a rollout pass to the right for a touchdown.



Overall, both quarterbacks stood tall in the pocket despite significant pressure from the defense.




Buechele connected with Collin Johnson and Dorian Leonard multiple times today with a well-thrown deep ball. 



Ehlinger’s primary receivers today were John Burt and Jerrod Heard, both of whom making incredible catches for long plays for the second team.



Between the two QBs, Ehlinger was much more mobile today than Buechele. Buechele made big plays when he was able to escape the pressure, but the offense had more designed rollouts for Ehlinger so that he could show off his speed and creativity outside the pocket.


Both quarterbacks had a lot of zip on the ball today on their passes up the middle, with a few overthrows by Ehlinger. Ehlinger utilized his tight end more, as walk-on TE Michael Wilson caught several short passes on flat routes this afternoon.



Kyle Porter got most of the reps at running back today with the first and second team. Despite some trouble in the first couple drives, he was able to break some tackles in the backfield and get around the edge for several big gains.


Chris Warren III got a few reps with the first team and second team, but he was bottled up most of the day. Then, he limped off the field with his hamstring injury. 


Both Warren and Porter struggled to find holes in the offensive line, but were able to make plays by breaking tackles and using their speed to get around the edge.


Porter got the bulk of the carries today in the backfield, and shined by hitting holes and making quick cuts to the outside to turn a 5-yard gain into a 15-yard gain.


Warren III struggled to get out of the backfield all day, but his strength allowed him to fall forward each time he was tackled to fight for that extra yard.


Both running backs showed exceptional talent as a receiver out of the backfield, with several plays designed to hit Warren III and Porter in the open field for big gains.



Offensive Line


The part of the Texas offense that struggled the most today was the offensive line. Both the first and second team struggled with penalties and missed blocks, but recovered after the first few drives.



The first team offensive line took the momentum out of multiple drives today with false starts by Tristan Nicholson and Patrick Vahe and high snaps by Zach Shackelford at center before his ankle injury. 


The run game was essentially nonexistent as Malik Jefferson and Breckyn Hager, among many others, were able to break through the line and stuff Porter and Warren in the backfield.


More of the same for the second team O-line, as Terrell Cuney also could not hit his QB in the hands with his shot gun snaps. Jean Delance couldn’t sit still on the line as he jumped early for two false starts.






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