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Record Attendance Expected for Tom Herman's First Texas High School Coaches Clinic Featuring Guest Speaker Bill Belichick

Tom Herman set out to show Texas high school football coaches how important they are to him by bringing in five-time Super Bowl champion Patriots' coach Bill Belichick for UT's coaches' clinic this weekend. It worked.

Record-Breaking Numbers Expected at Texas High School Football Coaches Clinic

Taylor Estes -

First-year head coach Tom Herman may not publicly discuss his plan for Texas Longhorns football, but his actions show he has high hopes for what lies ahead for the program.

One of the more recent examples of Herman's plan unfolding is the upcoming Texas High School Coaches Clinic, featuring guest speaker, five-time Super Bowl champion Patriots' head coach Bill Belichick.

It is not out of the ordinary for Texas to involve speeches from prominent football coaches from across the country in the annual HS coaches clinic. However, bringing in Belichick elevates the 2017 event to a record-breaking level.

And "record-breaking" is not an exaggeration.

Herman was asked about Saturday's event following Tuesday's spring practice; and the head coach said this clinic is expected to be the largest in school history.

As of Wednesday afternoon, more than 900 high school coaches from across the Lone Star State have registered to attend Saturday's coaches clinic, UT officials confirmed to

To put that number into perspective, previous clinics that were considered high attendance saw numbers between 500 and 600 coaches.

I have spoken to multiple folks close to Herman from various stops of his career, and a similar message about the head coach has been relayed in those conversations: Everything Herman does is part of a plan.

It doesn't matter if the more than 900 currently registered coaches are headed to Austin to meet Herman, or if they are solely going to the clinic to hear a legendary NFL coach talk ball. What matters is coaches from one of the most fertile recruiting grounds in the nation are coming to Texas en masse. 

Securing Belichick to speak at Saturday's clinic was already a win for Herman and his staff. Couple that with sparking the attention from hundreds of high school coaches across the state makes this event a success in itself even before it kicks-off. 


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