2019 DT Lloyd Murray, JR Loves Texas/Recaps Texas Spring Game

As the University of Texas closes out Spring practice, numerous recruits were in town to check out the Longhorns and Tom Herman. One of them was 2019 defensive tackle Llyod Murray, JR who is currently a Florida State verbal commitment.

Defensive tackle Lloyd Murray Jr. checks in at 6-foot-1, 320-pounds from Wichita Falls (Texas) Hirschi High School.


“I really loved the Spring Game,” Murray said. “The guys on both sides of the ball competed hard, and it was a very fun game to watch. I got to talk to Coach Giles more and expand our relationship more. The environment is very very crazy; UT fans love their Longhorns. I was walking on campus, and random people would come up to me and say "Hey! Are you Lloyd Murray?" It's a blessing that people on campus already know me. I love UT man. UT is one big family I would love to be a part of. I went with my dad and brothers. We loved it.” 


Which coach did Murray speak with the most this weekend?


“Really, it was Coach Giles,” Murray said. “I watched their D-Line get after it out there and compete. He told me that "This will be you in 2 more years, Lloyd." I really love and respect Coach Giles. He's a great guy. He's going to come up and see me next week. The facility upgrades are crazy cool and are going to be nice. I see how the lockers are going to be. That is crazy how much money they spend on just the lockers. But yeah, the facilities at UT are one of a kind.”


What was the best part of this visit for Murray?


“Favorite part overall? Would have to be whenever somebody scores they blow that big cannon, and it makes a huge loud noise. I think I lost some hearing. But yeah, UT is a very special place to be. The environment, the fans, the coaches, the players, the people overall, they all love you like one big family. Texas is definitely a top school for me.” 

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