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Hydration Charts A Concept Inside Texas Longhorns Athletics For Years, Though Tom Herman Takes It To The Next Level

Tom Herman takes attention to detail to the next level, checking his player's urine prior to every football practice.

First-year Texas Longhorns head coach Tom Herman is all about details ... even when it comes to bodily fluids.

Anyone who has ever played sports knows hydration plays a huge factor in performance. Of course, Herman understands this. 

A photo of a "Longhorn Football Hydration Chart" made its way to social media last week, and quickly turned viral. The chart, posted on a restroom wall inside Moncrief, has since sparked national discussions about Texas football's urine. (I wish the last part of this sentence was a joke. Sadly, it is not.)


But here's what's ironic about all of the hoopla surrounding the Longhorns' "hydration" levels: These charts have been plastered on walls of other UT locker rooms for years, according to a former Texas athlete.

"Pee charts were on the back of every restroom in the locker room," a former UT women's athlete told Horns Digest. "Not all (charts) have that verbiage, but it is pretty standard."

The former Longhorn "got a good chuckle out of it" when they saw this story make national headlines.

Sure, Herman personalized Texas football's by adding hilarious descriptions to each level of hydration reflected--Championship Hydration Levels; Selfish Teammate; Blatant Disregard For Your Teammates, You Are Going to "Area 51"; and my personal favorite, YOU ARE A BAD GUY!!!!--but these charts are not necessarily a new concept for Texas athletics.

Personally, I think this story is more about the head coach's attention to detail and less about the actual hydration chart.

Herman has his players' urine checked before every practice, and calls out guys who do not meet Championship Hydration Levels. The former athlete informed HD the hydration charts in other UT locker rooms were more for personal use, and not always monitored by athletics staff.

"Think of a steak. A steak is a muscle of a cow. When it's hydrated, it's very pliable and stretchy. When it's dry, like beef jerky, you tear it apart," Herman said.

"You get more pulls, more muscle strains and all of that when you're dehydrated. The brain is 75-percent water as well. Studies have shown your concussion rate is higher too when you're dehydrated. 

"Being hydrated around here is not something silly. It's something we take very, very seriously because it's a huge part of injury prevention."

All about the details.

By the way, last Tuesday (the second to last spring practice) was the first time the entire team was 100-percent hydrated before practice.

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