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Texas Longhorns Head Coach Tom Herman Talks NCAA Rules Changes, Spring Football

Tom Herman wraps up spring football and weighs in on recent NCAA rules changes on Big 12 Spring Football Coaches Conference Call.

Texas Longhorns head coach Tom Herman jumped on the Big 12 coaches call Tuesday morning as the conference wraps up spring football. Here are some of the highlights from his call.

Spring Ball Likes and Dislikes

Herman really liked seeing the buy-in from "a lot of the team" over the course of spring football. The head coach said the buy-in has been better at Texas than any other program he has coached.

As for dislikes, he feels the Longhorns have not consistently fought through tough times, especially when it comes to getting tired in practice. That's a main area he wants to see change moving forward. Secondary, he wants the defensive players work more on their legs and hips, because the unit has been playing too high. Herman said you "can't play defense standing straight up and down."

Main Goal of Spring Football

The staff used the spring football period to team the Longhorns how the coaches expect them to practice every day. "There's no such thing as just another day in this program. When you walk into the building, it's 4th and inches every second of every day with every rep, and to compete that intensely on a consistent basis."

NCAA Rules Change - Hiring High School Coaches

Herman believes the intent is good with the new NCAA policy that restricts college football programs from hiring high school coaches of recruits. However, he believes there should be a case-by-case analysis of it, rather than "throw a blanket across the entire sport." 

Herman mentioned how Texas has two high school coaches speak at his coaches clinic, and with this rule, teams will not be able do that even on a volunteer basis.

If Herman could tweak it, he would want to allow high school coaches to be able to come out to football camps and clinics. 

He also is not keen on the fact that teams will not be able to hire other school's player personnel staff members if they have previous relationships with recruits. Herman said he wouldn't be surprised to see labor lawsuits filed, especially in this scenario, as it is not allowing them "upward mobility in their job."

NCAA Rules Change - 10th Assistant Coach

The 10th assistant coach rule recently agreed to by NCAA is "really big" in Herman's eyes. "Football has by far the worst coach to student athlete ratio. ... It's long overdue and I think it will be good for the sport." 

His initial thought is to hire a special teams coach, who's priorities are 1. Special teams 2. Recruiting 3. Defensive coaching emphasis.

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