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Question:  Are our chances with BJ Foster still good???


Answer:  I would be very surprised if Texas doesn’t end up with the top safety class in the country.  All you can do is kick back, relax have some patience and let things play out the way they are playing out.  I would be very surprised if things between Foster and Texas went south.  Texas is in a great position with him, and I believe they are the front-runners for his services and have been for a long time.


Q:  Can you give us your updated breakdown by position of how you think the 2018 class will end up?


A:  QB 2

WR 3

OL 4

RB 1

TE 2


DL 4

LB 3

DB 4/5


Texas should be done at the QB position for 2018 with both Rising and Thompson on board.  Dicker, the kicker, is in so that is a huge relief.  Scout has Watkins listed at RB but is a slot wide receiver.  Tatum at DE, Hobbs at OLB and Sterns at S round out the defensive side of the class right now.  I think you could push the WR number to 4 and still be ok even with taking two TE’s if they can land two TEs.  Guys to keep an eye on should be Eagles clearly followed by Waddle, Preston, and Crawford.  The WR board to me is one of the toughest to judge right now, but if they only landed two of the four from that group, it’s a homer. 


Texas has one OL on board with Reese Moore, and they need three more in my opinion.  Rafiti is looking numerous schools including TCU, so he is no given right now.  Could Texas pull two OOS OL with Angilau and Wire?  That is almost hard to imagine right now, and I know some of the other OL “offers” could not pull the trigger to Texas right now.  This will play out over the next few months, and we will see what happens.


I still think Ingram is the guy at RB.  He is the one Texas must not let get away.


TE will be all about M&M until he announces to Michigan or some other school.  He does have a very high interest in the Longhorns and has for a long time, but this is a tricky situation. 


I like Sterns and Foster at the safety position.  D’Jamsion, A. Cook, and J. Green will be the three guys pressed at the CB position.  Land two of the three and add any other CB, and you have the top DB class in the country.  Texas is working multiple other CB’s (BIG TIME) no one else is aware of so that is something I am keeping a close eye on.  I was in contact with one of the CB’s recently, and he told me he is REAL fired up about Texas showing so much interest, so I will continue to monitor the situation. 


Q:  As of today, which DB's do you see us signing? 


A:  I mentioned a few above.  I have a few others I have not mentioned just yet.


Q:  I think he is a quiet dude, but how are things between Texas and Brennan Eagles? Getting better, slowing down? Who seems to be the biggest threat to the good guys in his recruitment (right now)?


A:  I do not see Eagles as a Texas kid as of today.  I think he ends up elsewhere. 


Q:  Are Wire, Angilau, and Ghirmai the main priorities at OL? Could you see the 2 OOS guys making return trips? Is it more likely we land some combo of those 3 or that we will have to end up circling back to guys like Stratford and Clement who seem to be lower on the board?


A:  I think its easy to say that, two of those players Junior and Cameron two of the last OL offered by Texas.  Ghirmai is a kid early on I felt would be a slam dunk to Texas.  As we all know there is no such thing.  He is close with Warehime and has been for a while.  Bama offered, and things seemed to change slightly in my mind.  TCU is also pressing him very hard.  Right now it’s hard to imagine not seeing some new names pop up on the board moving forward.


Q:  Any uncommitted OOS guys that you feel better than good about. 


A:  One who will visit soon I am curious about.  Not suggesting he is the one OOS kid I feel the best about right now but he is the one I am probably most curious about because I feel it’s a need position.  I mean all the spots are need positions, but you know what I mean.


Q:  I won't ask for you to give an exact answer to avoid the witch hunt... but around about how many silent commits to Texas right now.


A:  Less than the amount of children I have.


Q:  What side of the ball will the next Texas commit be on? How do you feel on TE MM and Texas, any offensive or defensive up front guys you like Texas chances with? Who is the most interesting recruit this cycle for you and why? Hope you and the fam are doing great, thanks for all you do on making this site the best.


A:  I can never tell “when” kids are going to do certain things.  I feel better about a kid on the defensive side of the ball right now but from a timing point of view regarding announcing who knows when it might be.  I mentioned M&M above, and Texas is not out of it.  Michigan has done a good job of convincing him of some things, but he grew up a Texas fan.


Q:  There's a little less than four months until the start of the season, what are the chances we land a recruit every month until the start of the season? 


A:  I can’t say that at all.  I feel better about the who over the when.


Q:  Seems like this class is going to fill up FAST, faster than I thought it would (guess I'm used to CS recruiting). Will recruits announce early to make sure they have their spot secured?


A:  This is something that could be an issue moving forward, but for 2018 I do not think this is going to be a problem.  You run the risk at certain positions this could be a factor, but overall I don’t think so. 


Q:  How long was the behind the scenes stuff happening with Sterns? How did it all go down and what made the tide turn in our favor?


A:  This situation has been going on for months.  The first thing people need to understand is he was always a huge Texas AND LSU guy.  At the end of the day, Texas did a great job recruiting Sterns and not letting up without anyone knowing they were continuing to do so.   The location was huge in this particular situation.  They always say the real recruiting begins “once” a kid goes public because all the other schools know exactly who they need to beat for his services.


Q:  Has your opinion on the following question/answer changed?


Thoughts on Max Wright and Leon O'Neal as in where we stand with them? "I think worst case scenario they'll and one of those guys with a great chance to get both." - JH 5/2/17


A:  Yes.  Sterns is a game changer.  It does not “sink” the possibility of O’Neal ending up with the good guy's mind you, but I see him elsewhere.  I don’t think Texas is going to take three Safety players and we all know Foster is the man.  Now, if they only landed two CB’s could they circle back and take three S?  Sure they could but so many different possibilities right now but the safest ones seem to be 3 CB and 2 S.


Q:  if us members were recruits being recruited by Texas, what would be said by Tom Herman and staff to get us to buy into the program at this moment that's being told to current recruits that make Texas feel like home and the right choice. thanks.


A:  Texas is home.  The message is about staying home for kids in-state.  Some of the OOS kids had certainties/connections that helped Texas land those verbal commitments for one reason or another.  Something special is happening in Austin, and the train is leaving the station.


Q:  Are any uncommitted recruits more likely to feel the pressure to commit soon to reserve their place in this class (before there isn't a slot left for them)? Particularly at DB and WR?


A:  Overall the answer is no.  Could we see one or two that might go early based on certain events they believe are going to happen?  That could be a possibility, but for the most part, the recruit is the one with all the power throughout this process until such a time he realizes he no longer has it.  The sad part is once he realizes he doesn’t have the power its too late.


Q:  OL recruiting...where the heck are we going to find 4 OL worthy of being in this class to actually commit? After last years haul (two 3-star guys), we can't afford to have a 2017 OL class

without some blue chips (4-stars+).


A:  This is going to be a challenge moving forward in my mind but not a miracle when they pull it off. I am curious to see how it plays out with Wire though. 


Q:  Any chance that we see Herman push hard for a JUCO recruit or two in this class? Particularly at TE and OL?


A:  I think that is always a strong possibility.  It is not ideal but something he has shown the ability to dive into if he thinks he can find some quality guys.


Q:  Higs. You can choice a top 5 players you feel best about if NSD was today. Who are they?


A:  I can't give you my five because not all of my five have been talked about.  Some guys that have been talked about Ingram, Foster, Coburn, Woodard etc. 


Q:  How does Texas sit with Overshown especially if they get Foster? Is Overshown willing to compete or will he look elsewhere?


A:  He would have to play LB in my opinion.


Q:  I haven't heard much about LB Recruiting, is it a down year in Texas for that position?


A:  I think you are correct.  Only three in-state LB’s have offers from Texas.  Orji, Cherry, and Hobbs.  This is another spot where some new names must emerge.


Q:  Do you like the new early signing period or dislike it? Does it favor coaches or players more?


A:  I do not like it.  I like having Christmas one day a year.


Q:  What do you make of early signing period? Negatives and positives. I like it from a fan standpoint but also see how more beneficial it is to the coach/program.


A:  I think the only kids it would impact are those who have gone public.  Some of them maybe all of them would ink early, but these kids have grown up knowing one day a year, and that’s National Signing Day.  Its good for teams IF you can get anyone to sign early because you don’t  have to worry about them but I think it will create more issues down the road with coaches leaving and what not.  I do not like the early signing period at all.  Call me old fashioned I suppose.


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