Tuesday Means Inside Access for Texas Fans

It’s Tuesday, and that means Inside Access where you the members decide the topic of conversation.

Question:  Is Tom Herman more Mack or Charlie when it comes to sealing classes? Mack would have it put to bed by the season start, while Charlie was a flurry of last-minute deals.


Answer:  I am going to say a bit of both.  I think you will see a run on commitments between now and the time kids participate in the Opening this summer. 


Question:  How is this staff relating to recruits? Where is this mojo coming from!


Answer:  Texas has been the flavor of the month these past few months.  The coaches are doing a good job no question about it but something special is going on in Austin right now, and kids are buying in from all over.  It is very contagious feeling among recruits/families.


Question:  Over/under two five stars signed in this class? Can Texas hold off Ohio state for Anthony Cook


Answer:  I believe B.J. Foster, Brennan Eagles, and Caden Sterns should all be Five-Star recruits so I will take the over.  If NSD were today the answer would be no on Cook.


Question:  Can you elaborate on what you meant when you said this class might be special when talking about Eagles? Special has different meanings to different people. Did you mean this class might turn out better than you thought? Just curious. Thanks!


Answer:  Every so often for whatever reason, a class comes together from multiple directions.  Most of the time it has to do with the kids themselves.  Sure, the coaches do a great job of conducting the orchestra, but it’s the band that makes the music what it is.  Things just fall into place as they did for Florida back in 2006.  It’s not something you can reach out and touch or put your finger on but things, for the most part, are going the way the Longhorns want right now.  Texas Longhorns sits at No 11 in the overall Team Rankings with eight verbal commitments.  They still have some big fish to land with Foster, Jamison, Woodard, Eagles, etc.  However, sooner or later they will level out a bit with the level of talent that is jumping on board.  A final team ranking of 8-12 is where I have been for the past few months but have been given information that would have me believe 6-10 is the more likely final resting place on NSD.


Question:  What changed in the recruitment of Eagles? Was it the relationship with the other players like Foster and Sterns?


Answer:  He has always been a top target for Texas, and everyone understands that fact.  He could pick up the phone and call any coach in the country and pull the trigger today.  I am very cautious with these types of players no matter where they are from.  I don’t think it’s a secret Texas has and will continue to be one of his top schools as the cycle presses forward.  I think with other top kids pulling the trigger for Texas such as Thompson, Rising and now Sterns he is starting to see the bigger picture and sometimes it just happens that way.  Being around Foster/Sterns, arguably two of the top players regardless of position in the state of Texas doesn’t hurt the situation either.  Tom Herman wasn’t even in Austin this past weekend, and I believe the relationship between Eagles and Texas strengthened.


Question:  What is the deal with Texas not offering Darrell Simpson? Do you think Cook EVENTUALLY ends up in this class?


Answer:  We are still very young in the recruiting cycle only being in mid-May.  However, Simpson has camped at Ohio State Buckeyes, Oklahoma Sooners and Baylor Bears already.  I have no idea why Texas wouldn’t jump in the mix with him right now with an offer and try and get him on campus.  Maybe they have behind closed doors and found the kid has zero interest in Texas for whatever reason?  There is simply no telling at this point as to why they have not offered.  He is the No 1 OT in the state of Texas with dozens and dozens of offers.  I can only go on what I believe today, and today I would “lean” no with Cook unless somehow he gets swept up in the emotion of what’s to come for Texas.


Question:  Should we be on patience alert shortly? Maybe with a certain receiver with the initials B.E.?


Answer:  I do not think I would go that far right this very second.  I do believe Texas is in the clubhouse with the lead though.


Question:  What do you hear about rehab for RB injuries? (C.Warren, K.Johnson, & Bernard)


Answer:  I have not paid any attention to team news.  Right now for me, I am focused on recruiting all day every day.  Shoot that out to Taylor and Chip, and they can knock it out for you sir.


Question:  What #'s are you projecting for 2018 Recruiting Class? (20...22...24???)


Answer:  I think you will see them closer to the 25 mark of a full class on NSD


Question:  Not including Current TEXAS Commits OR Eagles OR Cook, who are the next 2 or 3 Highest Rated Recruits that TEXAS has a decent shot at landing for 2018 Class??


Answer:  Without looking at where kids are ranked currently, I would go with M&M, D. Jamison, A. Woodard and J. Green.  I have a few who have yet to surface I am still trying to see where things stand.


Question:  What is your updated prediction on class ranking?


Answer:  I started at 8-12, and today I would go with the 6-10 range.  I do not move this number lightly.  You have TONS of ups and downs throughout a FULL recruiting cycle, and the key is not to get overly impatient and rush to judgment when the information is “Good,” or “Bad.”  That is the key.  Remain level-headed and even throughout the process or you end up looking like a fish out of the water.


Question:  How about some over/under questions?


DB (4.5): Sterns, Cook, Foster, Overshown, Jamison, Green, O'Neal

DL (2.5): Tatum, Wright, Coburn, Brown, Avery, Ossai

LB (2.5): Hobbs, Peters, Ayodele, Gainer, Orji

WR (3.5): Watkins, Eagles, Woodard, Waddle, Crawford

OL (1.5): Moore, Angilau, Wire, Ghirmai


Answer:  Under on all five.  The best chance for the over from that group would be DB then WR.  I could see either group hitting on the over but for now, am sticking with the under for all.


Question:  What has intrigued you the most about this staff so far in the way they recruit?  Are the phones ringing off the hook right now or are things still being slow played in regards to pushing for commitments?


Answer:  I think the biggest thing has been the OOS recruiting they are doing.  The previous staff was hammered, and I mean hammered by the Texas HS coaches for doing some of this stuff, so they focused on in-state recruiting mostly.  Herman and staff have for whatever reason been given the green light from the Texas HS coaches and to me that has been the biggest difference between each staff at the year one mark.  They have kids they would love to jump on board publicly speaking no doubt about that.  Coaches can’t control that kind of stuff, and they are at the mercy of the recruits.  SO much so now that it’s almost a lack of respect from player to coach in my opinion.


Question:  Number of NRA players you have headers about coming? What has been the hold up in those becoming public?


Answer:  I do not mess with that stuff as far as writing about them.  That is a good question and one I can’t answer.  Tom has been traveling, and maybe kids are waiting for him to officially sign off?  I do not know why this is dragging out.  Maybe the kids are deciding to stay?


Question:  Are recruits made aware about who will be gone thru NRA soon? 


Answer:  Depends on the player/recruit.  Certain times yes other times no.


Question:  Is the silent commit count still lower than the amount of children you have? 


Answer:  Yes.  Remember, an assumption is the root of all evil when it comes to recruiting.


Question:  Was Watkins told that he would be the only slot receiver in this class? I recall reported comments close to that following his commitment.


Answer:  At that time I believe this was the thought process by both parties.  I am not sure it was said that concretely or not but in so many words possibly.


Question:  So would Max Wright and Ron Tatum III both play the same position if both committed?  Where are we in Golf Terms with Anthony Cook and Brennan Eagles.  Is the Opening in Oregon going to be a big deal for Texas due to all the Texas commits/leans recruiting other players there? If you had to make the call today.  Is Texas going to get Waddle and Watkins?


Answer:  Wright is roughly 280 pounds, and Tatum is 270-pounds.  I think both kids could end up being inside guys at the next level.  It just depends honestly.  In regards to your concerns, they have plenty of DL spots where these two could play and be on the field at the same time.  Clubhouse leader for Eagles with dozens of golfers still on the course.  A couple down with a couple to play for Cook, say 2-down with four to play roughly.  I believe it will be a big deal.  It might not all be public, but it will be a big deal in my opinion.  Very hesitantly I would say no today.

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