Film Eval: UT Commit Greg Dolan

A film evaulation of the Longhorns' highest-ranked OL commit, Westwood's <B>Greg Dolan</B>.

Greg Dolan, OT, Round Rock Westwood

HGT: 6-6.5 WGT: 265 40: 5.0

Run Blocking: Dolan shows outstanding proficiency at drive blocking his opponents on running plays. The Round Rock lineman utilizes his strength to stand up rushers and is very good at sustaining his blocks to open up holes for the ball carrier. Dolan also demonstrates great mobility when asked to pull on running plays as well as when he's asked to execute multiple blocks. Another attribute the four-star OT utilizes in his run blocking is his aggressiveness. Mauling guys quite a bit of the time, he's what you would call nasty and aggressive. Exactly what Mac McWhorter or any OL coach would want from a lineman.

Pass Blocking: The nationally No. 27th ranked OT shows good footwork while pass blocking. Dolan once again is able to stand up and disrupt the pass rushers, by preventing them from getting to the QB. He uses his hands and utilizes good leverage while pass blocking. He's a bit slow out of his stance, albeit fast enough for the high school level. To succeed at the next level, he'll need to get out of his stance a little quicker, but that's the only fault we found in our eval.

Strength: The No. 21 player in Texas definitely has muscle in his game. He puts it to good use while drive blocking on running plays and standing up opponents on passing plays. That said, he'll need to get even stronger on the next level. So, expect a redshirt year once he arrives on the Forty Acres.

Quickness/Athleticism: Dolan shows excellent quickness and looks very athletic. Kid's adept at pulling, executing primary and secondary level blocks in Westwood's inside and outside zone scheme and has little trouble locating/hitting moving targets. His mobility -- definitely a strength -- is especially obvious on these types of plays.

Bottom Line: When Dolan gave his early commitment to Texas, the Longhorns got themselves an outstanding offensive line prospect. His film analysis shows him to be a top 20 kid in the state of Texas. And he's clearly among the top offensive linemen in the state of Texas. He's also a kid who plays from whistle to whistle and shows great technique. Coached by one of the best O-line general's in the biz, Mike Campbell -- who's no longer at Westwood, Dolan's certainly ahead of most in the technique department and should fit in nicely with the Longhorn scheme.

[Jason Williams also contributed to this eval. For a better idea of what we're looking for when ranking offensive linemen, see our comparative analysis of Dolan with another Texas Top 100 lineman in this week's Inside Scoop.]

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