Q&A with Texas DE Max Cummins

Checking in at 6-foot-6, 260-pounds from Fort Worth (Texas) All Saints’ Episcopal defensive end Max Cummins is ready for Texas.

Checking in at 6-foot-6, 260-pounds from Fort Worth (Texas) All Saints’ Episcopal defensive end Max Cummins is ready for Texas.


Question: How has your life changed since joining the Longhorn Nation?


Answer:  A lot has changed since joining the 40 acres.  A lot of really good things have happened that have bettered me as a person.  The only bad part is some of the people that have just appeared in my life as soon as I signed.  It's a new feeling and a new outlook on life and seeing who my real friends are.  Other than that a lot of positive things have come out of it.  I have now gained a huge network of alums and current students that will help me through the rest of my life.  I have also added about 100 people to my extended family because that is what the guys are on the team.  My family.  Overall I have gained a lot of good things and a lot of good help which will come in handy over the next four years of my life. 


Question:  Talk about some of your goals you will try and reach while in Austin over the next several seasons on and off the field.


Answer:  Over the next several years there will be a lot of different goals that I will be striving for.  On the field, my goals are to be a starter as soon as I can and help the team out as much a possible.  I want to be a part of something great and help the Longhorns but a few more championships under our belt.  I also have the goal of going pro which use to just be a dream.  With my hard work and diligence along with some of the best coaching in the nation, i can achieve these goals.  Of the field, I also have my goals I want to meet.  This journey isn't one sided, and my academics are really important to me.  I realize how hard it is to make it pro so I want to have that amazing UT degree under my belt so that I am prepared to go into the job world and make an impact for whoever employs me.


Question:  Current height/weight and when will you be back on campus.


Answer:  Well I'm counting down the days till move in which is in about a week, and I plan to be coming in at 6’6’’ and 260lbs.  On top of the weight I have gained, I am the strongest and fastest I have ever been.  I am more than ready to show the world what this coaching staff saw in me.  HookEm.

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