Tuesday Means Inside Access for Texas Fans

It’s Tuesday, and that means Inside Access where you the members decide the topic of conversation.

QUESTION:  Would I take Reese Leitao?


ANSWER:  If he wasn’t a football player and a regular student would Texas admit him with these legal troubles?  I don’t know the answer to that question, but my answer is no 100%.


QUESTION: Do the Lamar guys still want to play together in college?


ANSWER:  First let’s take a look at who the Lamar guys are.  CB Anthony Cook, WR Al'vonte Woodard, CB D'Shawn Jamison, DT Joshua Landry and RB Ta'Zhawn Henry.  You also have DT Bobby Brown, but he is at Lamar HS in Arlington while the others are at Lamar HS in Houston.  Those five kids from Lamar HS in Houston are not all going to play together.  I believe Woodard and Jamison are kids that could end up together at Texas.  Cook, in my opinion, is leaning OOS right now with more than likely Ohio State.  Henry does not have an offer from the Longhorns, and I do not expect that to happen shortly.  Landry is a kid who is behind others at the position in my mind.


QUESTION:  Obviously some concern from the fan base on the DT position with the recent transfers. Any insight on 2018 DTs you can offer? How do we look with guys like Coburn, Brown, and Avery? Reading Avery may be a long shot?


ANSWER:  I think you answered your own question for the most part about the kids at the top of the board.  Those three are all from Texas which is good.  Keondre Coburn and Brown are the ones Texas needs to land in the worst way.  They have a chance with Brown, and I believe are the team to beat with KC right now.  Long way to go and you will see new names at this position moving forward.


QUESTION:  Scale of 1-10 - (10 being total meltdown), how concerned should the fan base be about any remaining attrition?


ANSWER:  I do not want to create a bunch of panic throughout the fan base right now.  All we can do is kick back and let what is going to happen to play out.  Honestly, it could go either way, and some things are still up in the air right now with a few players on the roster.


QUESTION:  Shouldn't Coburn be drooling at seeing the depth at DT? It seems like it would be a pretty easy sell.


ANSWER:  Who says he isn’t drooling at the mouth right now?  I believe this is a very easy sell and one that should make sense on NSD for the fans.


QUESTION:  Any point in Texas still pursuing Jalen Preston


ANSWER:  100% because he is a great player.  He can play multiple positions, and he is in the state of Texas where the Longhorns are based.  That kid is a GREAT player, and they should recruit him to the bitter end even if he is not showing major interest at this time.



Do not have a recruiting question right now because everything seems to be going on schedule. I am also to stressed out to talk about NRA. So, I guess I will ask about QB depth.  It is no secret that QB depth is a weakness right now. If Shane goes down, then you have a true freshman backing him up. It looks like they need one more "bridge" QB (a GT) as I believe next year the QB issue, regarding depth, is finally solved. However, it seems getting a GT QB would upset the apple cart.  So how would you solve this issue?


ANSWER:  Very simple.  I would move Heard back to the QB position.  He is what Tom Herman wants at the end of the day from the QB position.  A guy who can beat you with his legs and his arm.  Sure, the kid needs work but he is fantastic with the ball in his hands, a true playmaker and I want the playmaker with the ball in his hands at all time.  If you truly don’t want to upset the apple cart that is what you do.  No one is bringing in a GT QB for depth purposes.  In theory that sounds great for the fans etc…but that is not how it happens, and no GT QB is going to a program to provide depth.  What do you think all these teams tell these GT QBs?  It sure as hell isn’t don’t be a backup for those guys when you can be a backup for us.



How is Shack healing up? Do you think our OL will be full strength going into camp?  Same on DL. How is D. Christmas recovering? Will DL be "full strength" with guys heading into camp?

Good luck on games, enjoy!


ANSWER:  I can’t imagine a scenario come August they are not full strength unless something else were to happen.


QUESTION:  As of today, top 5 noncommitted recruits you have most confidence Texas signs this year?


ANSWER:  Texas is in the mix for many big time kids right now.  Some would include.  Jalen GreenB.J. Foster, K. Coburn, D. Jamison and A. Woodard.


QUESTION:  Biggest name where Texas is not current favorite, you have gut feel ultimately chooses the Longhorns?

Thank you!


ANSWER:  That is a tough question for me to answer and the reason is simple.  Texas has some players like this, and they prefer to keep it that way, off the radar if that makes sense.  Bringing those kids to light would not be a good idea for anyone including myself.


QUESTION:  Golf chances of us landing Sterns, Foster, and Overshown on NSD?


ANSWER:  With Caden Sterns and Foster I would say this – Four up with two to play with Caden.  With BJ Foster I would go three up with two to play.  And if you ink those two I am not giving the 3rd safety a second thought.


QUESTION:  Will we have the best DB haul in the country?


ANSWER:  Yes they will


QUESTION:  Do you think we will have the best WR haul in the country?


ANSWER:  I will go with no, but it will be a very good haul at WR.


QUESTION:  You say all the time kids end up at a school they don't want to be at. Is that the case for any of the NRA's we've seen so far? How about the other 7 or so expected?


ANSWER:  I think with most of these kids it’s a bit different as they committed to the previous staff.  When that happens, all bets are off for a variety of reasons most of which I am not a fan.


QUESTION:  I know this is a big question, but who do you want to see in the starting 11 on O & D start fall camp?




QB Shane Buechele

RB Porter/Carter/Warren.  I am going with a two-back set

OL I would let these guys battle it out.  Shack/Williams/Hodges/Vahe/McMillon/Okafor/Delance

WR Collin Johnson and Lil’Jordan

Slot Heard and Duvernay when I have single RB

DE Roach

DT Ford

DT Nelson

DE Fowler/Hager combo


OLB Jefferson

MLB Shark/Wheeler combo

OLB Hughes/Freeman combo


CB Hill

CB Davis

S D. Elliott

S B. Jones


Boyd next man up then Locke

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