Branson Bragg Breaks down Texas Mini-Camp

Branson Bragg had an impressive sophomore season earning him 8-4A District Newcomer of the Year honors. The 6-foot-4, 280-pound center prospect checks in from Crandall (Texas) Crandall High School from the class of 2019. Bragg attended the Texas Mini-Camp this past weekend.

“We got into Austin around 4,” Branson Bragg said. “I stayed at my grandparent's house in Waco until it got closer to camp. We went straight to registration. I spent pretty much all camp with Coach Warehime; he stayed with the o-line.  I had a great showing, I didn't lose anyone on ones and had a great camp. Coach Warehime kept me after and we talked for a little bit, he talked about how he's super impressed with my performance today, and he thinks I'm someone who can fit into the University of Texas culture. He also said that the UT process concerning recruiting is long and meticulous, they want to make sure that the guys they offer are perfect fits for the program. He told me he believes that I'm that kind of person, but it'll be a long process. The visit was great, loved what I saw with the fields and the indoor was cool. Texas has been a dream school for me since I was little so I'm not sure about number-wise where I'd rank them, but they're high up there,” 

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