Roy Williams: Texas Will Run The Table

Texas will win every game on its schedule. Not might, not should, not could. Texas &quot;will&quot; win them all. That fearless forecast comes from SE <B>Roy Williams</B> on Blue Monday, otherwise known as the UT press luncheon following the 38-28 loss to Arkansas.

Even the national championship is still not out of reach for the No. 13 Longhorns, according to Williams. Beating the highly ranked teams on Texas’ schedule would put Texas back in the thick of things, he figures.

"We’ll play what will probably be a No. 3 Kansas State followed by No. 1 Oklahoma," he said. "Nebraska will roll in here ranked really high, too. All we have to do as a team is win every week and we’ll be fine."

Yep, that’s all. That, and fix those glaring deficiencies in the ground game, run defense and the kicking game and Texas will be fine. Equally bold is Williams’ prediction is his assessment that the Texas rushing offense "is there."

It’s, uh, where?

"The holes are there; we just have to run the ball," he said. "We just have to continue to practice every week and run through the hole."

Is that, then, an assessment of RB Cedric Benson (27 yards on 13 carries)?

"I don’t know; I really can’t answer that," he said. "From watching the films, there were some holes there. But you can’t do much else but try to improve every week."

While head coach Mack Brown said there is no finger pointing on his team, Williams pointed to his fumble on the Texas 5-yard line and shouldered the blame for the depressing upset. FL Tony Jeffery fumbled at midfield while Texas turned the ball over on the Razorback 10 after the RDE deflected QB Chance Mock’s option pitch.

"Me and Tony with those fumbles, especially mine, really cost us the ball game," he said. "If I hadn’t done that, we would have won the football game. You (reporters) wouldn’t be asking me any questions today."

Williams said he did not hear Texas fans booing during Saturday’s game. (I didn’t either. The press box is that insulated from the field.)

"They’re great fans until we lose," Williams surmised. Which, if his prediction holds true, means Texas fans will be great the remainder of '03.

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