Recruiting: Jeff Byers on Texas-Arkansas

Catching up with a college football recruit can tell ya a little somethin', somethin' about wins and losses. After all, they're football players too. Inside Texas caught up with <B>Jeff Byers</B> -- the No. 1 player in the country and a top UT recruiting target -- to get his thoughts on the Longhorns' 38-28 setback to Arkansas...

"Well, I didn't get to watch the game because we had a Saturday game," Byers said.


"I did see the highlights and I can't really judge how they played from watching a few plays," the top-rated OL said.

No, you really can't. And Orangebloods are probably grateful that the kid missed the game. That said, there's not any gloom and doom coming from Byers. Only praise for an Arkansas football team that came in to Austin and knocked off the No. 6-ranked Longhorns.

"I'm sure Arkansas' a great team," Byers said. "Any team that can go into Austin and beat a team as good as Texas is probably a lot better than everyone thinks."

So what about the Longhorns?

"Every team has its challenges and I'm sure Texas is going to bounce right back."

That's the spirit...

Shifting gears to Byers' official visits.

Byers said he's only made one official visit and that was to Ohio State -- one of the teams in his elite group of eight.

"I had a really good time there," Byers said. "I got to know some people the way I wanted to and got to watch a great football game."

Longhorn alumni/fans are hoping Texas also grabs an official, but with only four remaining and seven teams fighting for those, a few are going to be left out. Texas fans will be on pins and needles until finding out if Mack Brown and Co. can land an official from the Colorado Mauler.

Texas could certainly use a little "maul" in its run game and Byers would certainly provide some of that. Stay tuned...

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