McWhorter: 'We're Going To Get It Right'

Everything&#146;s going to be okay. Texas&#146; run blocking and ground game is starting to show signs of improvement that may go undetected by the folks in the stands and by the numbers on the stat sheet. That&#146;s the verdict of offensive line coach <B>Mac McWhorter</B>, who nevertheless added, &quot;<B>Ray Charles</B> could see it&#146;s not the kind of progress we&#146;d like to have at this point.&quot;

"We’re going to keep working to where we get it where we want it," McWhorter said. "The best thing we’ve got going right now is the kids have a great attitude and they’re working hard. As long as they do that, I am firmly convinced that we’re going to get there."

Preach it, preacher! McWhorter, who looks and sounds more like a football coach than anyone on Texas’ staff, has seen the promised land -- even though the net results have been less than promising.

Two games into the season, Texas’ 115 ypg ranks No. 86 nationally and the Horns average just 4.7 more rushing yards per game than Baylor. (Thanks to defense and special team points, Texas’ 47 points per game ranks No. 5 nationally.) RB Cedric Benson has totaled just 77 yards on 25 carries this season in which his longest run has gone for 11 yards.

"It wasn’t totally our running backs and it wasn’t totally our offensive line," McWhorter said, of the shortfall. "We’ve got to hit on all cylinders."

While the run blocking is still a "work in progress," McWhorter is generally pleased with Texas’ pass blocking. From what I’m told (not from McWhorter) and from what we’ve seen, pass blocking is essentially all that fired Tim Nunez tried to teach the kids. Even so, the OL has given up just one sack in each of the first two ball games.

"And both of them were senseless," McWhorter said. "We shouldn’t have had either one of them. Both of those were technique errors which can be corrected… It’s something we work on all the time, but sometimes they panic a little bit. But the pass protection was much improved. The last time we played (Arkansas) we had eight sacks. Of course, we did a lot of maximum protections to take care of it."

That’s part of the reason why the TEs did not have a catch in the Arkansas game even though FL B.J. Johnson reported that the middle was open all day.

"Our kids have had a great attitude and that’s what’s frustrating when they have worked as hard as they‘ve worked and still not have the kind of results that you want," McWhorter said. "We tell them that it’s a work in progress. Let’s wait and see what they have to say after the season. Let’s don’t panic after one game. I thought, fundamentally, some steps and some things we did were a lot better than the first game. That’s what I wanted to see. I would like to have seen a lot more growth but we’re going to keep fighting and we’re going to get it right."

Texas will get its next chance at Rice (8:22 p.m. CDT, ESPN2) Saturday.

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