Brown: 'Our Guys Played A Complete Game'

Citing dominance in all phases of Texas&#146; 48-7 shellacking of Rice, particularly in rushing offense and run defense, head coach <B>Mack Brown </B>said during his Sunday teleconference that &quot;our guys played a complete game&quot; at Reliant Stadium to go 2-1 on the season.

"The second quarter changed the flow of the game completely," Brown said, referencing Texas’ 34 points in the second frame. "If you let Rice hang in there with time of possession and keep the ball away from you, they can sure beat you. With us putting pressure on them and getting ahead early, their offense is not one that comes from behind well."

Even with its quick-strike offense, Texas won the TOP battle for the first time this season, hanging on to the ball for 31:35. The Horns rushed for 322 yards on 53 attempts against a defense that is, well, used to giving up about six yards per carry. Even so, RB Cedric Benson’s 130 yards on 18 carries provided not only a boost of buoyancy for the junior but for the entire offense, Brown said.

"I thought Cedric got his confidence back," Brown said, adding the Benson should normally get 25-to-30 touches. "He showed better patience last night. He ran behind his shoulders and made some tough yards. We had more good 4-yard runs last night but then he had a 12- and a 17-yard run. I thought the 17-yard run on the zone play where he cut back across the grain and broke a couple of tackles and forced his way into the end zone was a great run."

That run made it 41-0 heading to the locker room.

Kansas City (and former Texas) RB Priest Holmes visited with the Longhorn offensive backfield during their pre-game meetings at their hotel just before departing for the stadium. The Chiefs were in Houston for Sunday’s matchup with the Texans.

When asked who makes it in the NFL, Holmes simply said, "Those that love the game and those that work the hardest," Brown reported. "He said, ‘Everybody’s talented, but the ones that work the hardest are the ones that win.’"

Coaches decided before the game that QB Vince Young and the second team O-line would play both the third and six offensive series in its entirety regardless of score or field position, Brown said. It was something coaches talked about doing, but did not, during the first two ballgames. Against Rice, Young and company scored both times.

"I thought (Young) managed the huddle better and I think we’re continuing to see Vince grow as a quarterback every day," the Texas head coach said. "We’re excited about the progress he’s making."

Brown marvels at the camaraderie that says genuinely exists between his two highly competitive quarterbacks.

"When we told Chance that Vince was going to go in early, he said ‘Great’," Brown recalled, "and he’s the first one to meet him coming off the field. After last week, Vince could have been upset that he didn’t get to play against Arkansas and he was a cheerleader on the sideline. One time at the end of the game, he said ‘Let me go in, coach’ when we had a chance to block a punt. I believe their chemistry right now is as good as I’ve ever seen."

Mock was a perfect (if not quiet) 8-of-8 passing for 159 yards and two TDs.

"His night might have gone unnoticed by some," Brown said, "but I thought that was by far the best he’s played. It also helps your rushing yards when your quarterback can make some yards running."

Young ran for 54 yards on seven rushes while adding 54 yards on 3-of-5 passing. Neither QB has thrown an interception through three games.

"Chance looked as good as I’ve ever seen him look and he’s our starting quarterback," Brown said. "We’d still like to play Vince some because you look across the country, you’ve got to have two. Guys that didn’t have two yesterday lost some games. It just scares you absolutely to death and people are getting hurt more at quarterback because people are running the quarterbacks more now. We’re running both of our quarterbacks more now, so there’s no doubt we’ve got to get both guys ready to play and keep (No. 3 QB) Matt Nordgren tuned up as well."

Brown also commended his O-line, saying, "Our pass protection is better and we’re more aggressive in the running game. They just didn’t have the opportunities, time and time again, that they had last night. When we’ve rushed for than 200 yards, we’ve won every time since we’ve been here. I thought the guys did a great job coming off the ball. We’re really pleased with the second team. They moved the ball on the ground as well."

Texas faces a decent Tulane (3-1) team, 6 p.m. (CDT) Saturday at DKR.

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