IT's Texas Tech game picks

IT's Clendon Ross gives you his pick, and the reasoning behind that pick, in this week's game between Texas and Texas Tech.

IT's Picks: Ross -- What is it with opposing teams' players and coaches giving UT players bulletin board material the week of their game vs. the Horns? Last week, two Houston defenders talked a lot of noise about what they were gonna do to Chris Simms, questioning the junior QB's intelligence along the way. An obviously fired up Simms returned fire on the field and had his best game of the season, leading Texas to a 53-26 win. Now this week, Texas Tech coach Mike Leach decides to dis Longhorn corner Quentin Jammer. Asked earlier this week if Jammer is a shut-down corner, the Red Raider head man said, "Not even close. He's just like the corner on the other side as far as I view him. I think he's decent. He's physical, which is probably his strongest quality." Frankly, what Leach said is true based on Jammer's less than spectacular play through three games so far this season, but if I'm the Tech coach, I sure don't want to give a guy like Jammer, who does have shut-down ability when he wants to, a wake-up call right before he plays my team. But that is exactly what Leach has done and for his service to those in the Orange and White, Longhorn fans should send thank you cards to him care of Texas Tech University, Lubbock, Texas. Kliff Kingsbury and the Raider receivers -- most specifically the ones Jammer takes on Saturday night -- won't be expressing that same gratitude to Leach after Saturday night. Having said that, the above doesn't mean I think the Texas defense is going to shut down the Red Raiders. Far from it, matter of fact, given the laundry list of trouble spots exposed by Houston's O last week. But a motivated Jammer (and Rod Babers, who Leach's comments indirectly torched by in essence saying, Jammer's really not that good, about the same as that Babers guy on the other side) should keep the Tech receivers from busting game-breaking plays, and that's the only way barring three-plus turnovers by Simms and the UT offense I see the Red Raiders beating the Horns. Texas 38, Texas Tech 28.

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