Recruiting: Franklin Okam Talks Official Visits

Rumors about National Top 100 selection <B>Franklin Okam</B> narrowing his choices down never checked out after catching up time and again with the manchild from Lake Highlands HS. Recently, though, he in fact made a little progress on that front with TheInsiders and we wanted to bring that to you...

Before going further, this (in alphabetical order) is Okam's most current/concrete top ten: Arkansas, Florida, FSU, Miami, Notre Dame, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Stanford, Texas, Texas A&M.

And all of those teams remain players, but this will come down to his official visits and that means five...

So who leads in the race to make the kid's top five?

Well, with four schools representing the Big 12 South, and perhaps with a small advantage over the others due to proximity, Okam said that, more than likely, at least three of the four South programs gain official visits, leaving the six remaining schools in his top ten fighting it out for two slots.

If the above scenario pans out, Okam said, "Stanford, Notre Dame and the Florida schools" will, more than likely, battle it out for the last two spots.

Essentially, there's a lot of serious thought and mulling over to be done before Okam decides who the five lucky colleges will be. But it's a bit more clear now who may or may not lead for the right to host 6-4, 300-pound monster DT.

And folks, these Big 12 South schools (A&M, OU, OK. State and Texas) are sittin' a little bit prettier at this stage of the game as only one of those may be in danger, at least at this point, of being removed from contention, That happens to be pretty darn good odds for the aforementioned four. Especially when considering this is a kid who could name the school he'd like to suit up for.

Okam took his first unofficial visit to College Station for the Ags' game against Arkansas State. The 5-star blue-chipper will take his second unofficial visit this weekend to observe the strengths and weaknesses of both the Longhorns and Sooners (in the Red River Shootout) as "weighing on-the-field results" is still a part of the selection process for him.

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