Recruiting: Texas-OU Attendee Franklin Okam

Five-star DT <B>Franklin Okam</B> took in the Red Rive Mismatch and saw Texas drop its fourth straight to the Oklahoma Sooners. The Lake Highlands standout defender gave us his thoughts on that game, weighing in on both teams since they both happen to be among the favorites to garner his sig. Is Texas still in the picture? Will the recruiting edge for Texas all-star talents shift North to Norman? That and more below...

"I went to the game hoping to see a better game from Texas than I did," said Okam. "I figured OU would win. Just didn't think it would be by that much."

So who was the big winner in terms of the recruiting race? And, who gained a leg up on the rest of his faves?

"I mainly focused on the DL," Okam revealed. "I'm more concerned with how the two defensive lines played and where I might have a better shot to play early. I kind of thought they both did well or about the same."

Wins and losses still important?

"I thought this game would have a bigger impact on my decision or where I might want to go, but in actuality, it didn't really have that much of an impact."

Given the outcome, it certainly wouldn't be a surprise if the Sooners gained some ground or at least moved up a notch or two, but Okam said, "They probably stayed the same."

As for the Longhorns and the assumption that they might have lost a little bit of appeal, Okam gave the same answer, "They probably stayed the same."

So the recruiting edge for Okam hasn't shifted to North of the Red River just yet...

However, the 6-4, 300-pounder mentioned to me on his own that recognizing the Sooners have now won four straight over the Longhorns is not something you can just ignore or look past. In other words, he's fully aware of the fact that Bob Stoops and Co. have Mack Brown and Co.'s number...

We'll talk about his opportunity for early playing time at both Texas and Oklahoma in this week's Inside Scoop, since he's going to weigh that slightly more than wins and losses. The comfort factor is beginning to become more important to Okam and it's apparently going to impact his decision. Of course, learning anything from Okam on that front will have to wait until he actually trips to the five schools he'd like to check out.

One team already marked down for a spot on his official visit itinerary is none other than the Oklahoma Sooners.

"I've set up an official visit to Oklahoma sometime in the middle of December," Okam said, "Around the 16th, I believe."

When informed that December 16th was on a Tuesday and asked if it would be a mid-week visit instead of a weekend official, Okam told TheInsiders, "No, it'll be a weekend visit. Probably either the weekend before or after the 16th of December."

At this time, he has yet to set up or guarantee any other official visits, but we'll weigh in on Texas' shot for an official in this week's Scoop in addition to Okam's thoughts on potential playing time at both OU and Texas.

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