Brown: 'We're Going To Re-Evaluate Everything'

When your fourth straight loss to your archrival is also the most lopsided debacle in the series&#146; 98-year history, no one (and nothing) escapes scrutiny. That&#146;s why head coach <B>Mack Brown </B>said during Sunday&#146;s media teleconference that &quot;We&#146;re going to re-evaluate in a hurry everything we&#146;re doing on both sides of ball, today and tomorrow, to see what we need to change before playing Iowa State.&quot;

Brown was asked if that included the possibility of changing coordinators.

"You don’t even talk about those things during the season," Brown said. "What you do is get ready for Iowa State."

(The operative phrase here is "during the season".)

"When you give up 65 points and six turnovers, it isn’t the game plan," Brown said. "We didn’t execute what (coaches) called on either side of ball."

Brown talked about re-evaluating personnel (i.e., players losing their jobs) after the home loss to the Razorbacks last month. Other than players’ refusing to talk to reporters, there were no changes related to performance following the Arkansas game.

"You all (media) talked more about that (changes) than I did," Brown said.

Most of what Brown talked about Sunday, however, was his defense.

He talked about defenders being out of position, the now commonplace poor tackling that led to so many YAC, the inability to get any sort of sustained pass rush from the down linemen (going on two years now) and (worst of all) defensive guys "just standing there" and not hitting somebody.

"If you let a guy (quarterback) stand back there and don’t hit him, it’s not just the secondary," Brown said. "We didn’t get enough pressure on (Jason White) out of the front four."

In addition to allowing an OU field goal following a drive that started at the Texas 3, Brown also cited the defensive lapse on the Sooners’ third offensive series. That’s when White overcame 1st-and 30, and then 2nd-and-28, and then 3rd-and-10, on a six-play scoring driving that resulted in a 5-yard play action scoring toss to FB J.D. Runnels.

"We’ve got to look at where we had the breakdowns and what we have to do to fix them," Brown said, "because we sure didn’t play well. We played hard but we didn’t play well."

After WR Mark Clayton set an Oklahoma receiving record with 190 yards on eight receptions, and after White made it look easy collecting 363 yards and four TDs (20-of-24 and no INT), Brown was asked if he could attribute any of that to Texas playing more zone defense this season.

The secondary played zone about one-third of the time Saturday, so the type of coverage wasn’t the issue, Brown said.

"We didn’t get anything done when we played in either man or zone," he added. "And when we blitzed we didn’t get to him."

The lone defensive bright spot was SS Phillip Geiggar, who contributed 8 tackles including a 10-yard QB sack plus two TFLs. Although coaches do not designate ‘Players of the Game’ following a loss, Brown actually commended his O-line for its performance. He also said, "I thought we’d win. That shows how crazy this sport is and how clueless I was yesterday."

Offensively, Brown was "really excited about the big plays Vince (Young) made, some with arms and feet."

Young was intercepted twice and coughed up the ball right as Texas was about to knot the affair at 14-14, he was the game’s leading rusher (127 yards on 15 carries) plus he added 135 yards through the air. It was the first time a Texas QB rushed for 100-plus yards since Donnie Little topped the century mark in November, 1980.

Any type of personnel change, including at quarterback, will not be announced until after coaches meet late Sunday and early Monday, Brown said.

The team was actually "excited" in the locker room at half time, Brown said, as several of the players referenced the 19-point come-from-behind win over Washington in the 2001 Holiday Bowl. Oklahoma opened the third quarter with a 12-play, 80-yard scoring drive that overcame two false start penalties and one delay of game penalty.

That made it 44-13, at which point the "game got out of hand, we got frustrated and didn’t play well in the second half."

Texas falls to 4-2 on the season as Brown falls to 2-4 against the Sooners. His mid-season assessment is, "We played four really good games and two really bad games."

Closer to the truth, Texas has beat two really bad teams (Rice, New Mexico State) and beat one really average team (Tulane). Texas has been dominated in all phases by one pretty good team (Arkansas) and by one really good team (OU). So far this season, Texas can hang its collective hat on a Kansas State win that now pales significantly following the Wildcats’ third straight loss and after the Horns got their ass handed to them on national TV.

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