QB Shuffle Here To Stay;Mock Disappointed, Relaxed

For the record, <B>Mack Brown</B>'s system of interchangeable quarterbacks is neither a rotation nor a controversy. But the five-game pattern of shuffling in the backup signalcaller is working so well (in Brown's estimation) that he reiterated Monday his regret that he didn't do it when <B>Chris Simms</B> and <B>Major Applewhite</B> were on campus. And while <B>Chance Mock</B> spoke of his deep disappointment in his second team status, he also said the past week was the "most fun he's ever had."

Meanwhile, the best one-liner of the day belonged to SE Roy Williams, who joked that "there might be another quarterback controversy" after his first career pass resulted in a 56-yard completion to FL B.J. Johnson in Texas’ 40-19 win at Iowa State. When asked Monday why coaches waited three and one-half years before allowing him to throw off of an end-around, Williams said, "I think we were setting it up."

One wondered, however if Mock felt set up after RS-freshman Vince Young made his first career start Saturday. The junior spoke at length, and candidly, for the first time after opting not to give interviews last week. Brown announced that Young would be the starter following The Debacle against OU.

"It was tough but, at the same time, it was one of those deals where I could go out there and just play," Mock said. "I mean, what are they going to do? Bench me? I can go have fun now. I don’t have to worry about everybody wanting to see Vincent play and you guys (media) writing about how you wanted to see Vincent play. I just get to go out and have fun. I’ve had more fun this week than I’ve ever had."

Texas tallied a season-high 578 yards against ISU behind Johnson’s career day of 187 yards on 7 receptions. Mock entered the ISU game on the third series. He finished a crisp 6-of-9 passing for 11 yards, including a 30-yard TD pass to Williams and a perfectly placed 50-yard toss to Johnson.

"What do I have to worry about?" he repeated. "I just go out and wing the ball around and have fun."

Still, there was no masking the disappointment of training for three years for the starting spot only to be relegated to a backup role two weeks into the conference season.

"It kind of hurts my heart a little bit," Mock said. "It’s kind of tough. It’s a tough situation."

Both Mock and Young have been quick to praise each other all season

"The toughest part of the ballgame is the first two or three drives," Mock said, "and he went out and made a statement on the opening drive. I was glad to see him do that. I think he did a great job."

Mock remains one of the nation’s Top 10 Division-I leaders in pass efficiency, including 12 TD tosses against one interception. The Woodlands product is averaging 140.6 ypg passing.

Mock’s second-team status was not a demotion, Brown said, but had more to do with what the freshman phenom can bring to the table. Young is averaging just under 75 yards per game rushing (7.9 ypc on 57 attempts) and 83.5 ypg passing.

"We felt like Vince has got as much athletic ability as anyone I’ve ever seen at that position," Brown said. "He gave us a better chance to get away from the (defensive) rush and to get big plays in the running game. The biggest difference we’re seeing in Vince is his progress in the passing game. He made much better decisions on Saturday."

Young is a significant part of the reason why Texas is ranked No. 17 nationally in rushing offense (199 ypc) and will likely improve on its No. 30 rating in total offense (419.3 ypc). The Young-Mock tandem has resulted in the nation’s ninth ranked unit for passing efficiency (98-of-177 passes, 14 TDs and 4 INT). It was enough for Brown to reflect for the second straight day about what he would have done differently in 2000 and 2001 with Simms and Applewhite.

"If I had to do it over, what I would have done was play both of them," Brown said of Simms and Applewhite. "Our team wasn’t playing well the last time Oklahoma beat us so badly (2000) and that’s why we changed, but I still should have played Chris some then before Major got hurt (against Texas Tech) and I should have played Major more his senior year."


The Baylor game in Waco remains a 6 p.m. kickoff with no TV while Texas’ Nov. 1 home tilt against Nebraska has been set for 11 a.m. (Central) on ABC.

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