Report: Benson To Be Charged With Trespassing

The Austin police department on Tuesday will arraign RB <B>Cedric Benson </B>with misdemeanor trespassing charges after allegedly kicking in a Southeast Austin apartment door on Oct. 7 in an attempt to recover a stolen large plasma screen television, according to an <a href=;COXnetJSessionID=1UIh4krfQECIogCQvOMpesxyLrcU28w2sAuQHJwP2f1vX20Y3t6u!76850718?urac=n&urvf=10666824011410.8426655964958517>Austin American-Statesman rep

Benson has the option of turning himself in on his own recognizance, according to an APD spokesperson. The misdemeanor is punishable by up to two years in jail. Robbery charges were not filed because no contents were stolen from the apartment located near Stassney Road.

Benson had previously filed a police report stating that the television, along with a Sony Playstation, some speakers and clothes, were stolen from his home. He apparently thought his possessions were inside the apartment.

According to the account, a female tenant heard knocking at the front door and looked through the peephole and saw what appeared to be four men. When she did not answer the door, the men allegedly forced the door open.

The woman reportedly gave Austin police a written statement on Friday after writing down a license plate number that led police to Benson. She picked Benson out of a photo lineup but, according to the account, could not identify the other men.

Previously, Benson was charged with possession of marijuana in late spring 2002. That misdemeanor was subsequently dropped after Benson argued that he walked into a Midland party where others were using a controlled substance.

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