Texas Now In BCS Bowl Picture At No. 12

What a difference a week makes. Texas’ 31-7 win over Nebraska propelled the Horns back into the BCS Bowl scene. Texas checks in at No. 12 in the latest BCS ratings released Monday.

"The truth is, the BCS will be discussed more than Iraq is the next five weeks," head coach Mack Brown said, "and nobody knows what’s going to happen anyway. All we want to do is be the best team we can be for the next three weeks and then, obviously, somebody will want us in a bowl game and we’ll go where ever it is and try to play hard."

Running the table would give Texas a realistic shot at the Fiesta Bowl; one stumble and the Horns will likely land in the Alamo Bowl against a Big 10 runner-up. Both Fiesta Bowl and Alamo Bowl officials were in the Texas press box Saturday.

The top 12 teams are eligible for BCS Bowl consideration. The champion of each of the six major conferences earn automatic BCS Bowl berths, along with two at-large teams. BCS ratings will be released each Monday until the final list is presented on Dec. 7.

"I think we talk too much about the end and not the current," Brown said. "I told the guys last week, ‘Let’s enjoy being at Texas and let’s enjoy playing Nebraska. What’s happened in college football is everybody’s talking about elimination. That’s the only thing anybody talks about from day one. It’s putting too much pressure on the players and taking too much fun away from them. I want these guys to have fun and, if we’re good enough, we’ll have our shots in the end but to do that we’ve got to beat Oklahoma State. And if we start talking about this being an elimination game, shoot, then every one we’ve got is an elimination game."

While Big 12 brethren Nebraska (No. 18), Oklahoma State (No. 19) and Missouri (No. 24) were included in this weeks ratings, the all-important Top 12 teams are:

1. Oklahoma

2. USC

3. Florida State

4. Miami

5. Ohio State

6. Virginia Tech

7. LSU

8. Michigan

9. TCU

10. Georgia

11. Iowa

12. Texas

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