Recruiting: Adrian Peterson Update

Caught up with <B>Adrian Peterson's</B> step-father Saturday to talk some college football, AD's monster game this past Friday, his official visit slate and more...

Peterson recently took an unofficial to LSU and really enjoyed it, but don't look for them to grab Peterson's last official.

Already tripping to UCLA and Arkansas, with Oklahoma and Miami marked down for officials in the near future, the drama for the last "Free 2-Day College Town Throw-down" builds every day.

Provided the kid does in fact trip to both Norman and South Beach, the fifth-and-final visit remains unclear, but step-father Frankie Jackson said USC tried to convince the Lone Star State's No. 1 RB to use his last official to head to SoCal...

"Adrian's trying to keep his focus for the stretch run," Jackson said. "USC called the other night and wanted him to come out this past weekend, but he wanted to get some rest."

Rest he may need, but after tripping to Baton Rouge last week, kid went absolutely nuts (17 carries for 305 yards and 6 TDs in one half!).

Still, there are rumors having USC as the team to beat with regard to the 6-2, 205-pound baller‘s last official.

"I don't know if USC will get his last one," Jackson said.

Who does land the 5-star talent’s last one will be interesting, for a lot of different reasons…

Asked if Oklahoma was in the driver seat for his stepson's signature, Jackson said, "Don't be so sure. He likes all of them and he could surprise some people. This will be his decision and we've (Peterson family) all tried to stay out of it. I mean, we don't even know what he's going to do."

Maybe not, but the Crimson and Cream reign supreme in most outside observer's eyes. If that’s the situation, the 'Canes, plus one other lucky team, get the opportunity to fire their best shot…hoping to do enough to say they’re the Nation's No. 1 in the Adrian Peterson Sweepstakes.

Meanwhile, dibs on the fifth-and-final visit remain up for grabs...

Jackson said it could be a team that nobody is even thinking/talking about or it could be, "Texas A&M, Texas, USC or VaTech..."

Stay tuned!

[FYI, just caught up with Adrian Peterson and he confirmed everything his step-father said.]

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