Photo Gallery - Texas Tech

As Carl Reese says, it was an ugly baby, but we'll take it home. Texas held on to its BCS hopes with an exciting, roller coaster ride win over Texas Tech.

Vince Young breaks through the line for a few of his 53 rushing yards on the night. Young also passed for 213 yards.

Michael Griffin just misses a B.J. Symons throw in the second half. Tech seemed to be a half step ahead of the Texas defense for most of the game.

Cedric Benson follows Roy Williams to daylight.

Marcus Tubbs corrals Taurean Henderson to stop Tech on a critical 3rd down play in the second half.

Bo Scaife loses the ball after crossing the goal line to give Texas a 7-6 lead early in the game. It was great to see Scaife score in his last game at DKR.

Cedric Griffin slams Wes Welker to the turf in the second half.

Texas Fight!

Cedric Benson goes in for the score to push the Texas lead to 35-21 late in the third quarter. Benson ended the game with 142 yards and two scores.

B.J. Johnson hauls in the winning touchdown catch to put Texas back in the lead. On the final drive of the game Roy, B.J. and Sloan each made catches to keep Texas alive.

Reed Boyd and Brett Robin sing the Eyes of Texas for the last time to cap a 20-2 home record for this senior class.

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