Mock: 'Felt Like I Actually Earned My Scholarship'

Nearly four years after QB <B>Chance Mock</B> signed with Texas, the junior believes he finally earned his scholarship Saturday when he orchestrated the game-winning (and season-saving) TD drive against Texas Tech. With the Horns facing an open weekend, all the buzz following Tuesday&#146;s practice still focused on Mock&#146;s last minute heroics in that riveting 43-40 win over the Red Raiders.

While head coach Mack Brown said the drive ranks right up there as one of the great Longhorn comebacks in recent memory, it was all in a day’s work for the blue collar Mock.

"It’s satisfying any time you do your job," Mock said. "For a little bit, I felt like I actually earned my scholarship."

Mock was 4-of-5 for 74 yards on that glorious march, adding 11 yards on the ground, while negotiating 84 yards of real estate with no timeouts.

Brown said the comeback reminded him of former QB Major Applewhite’s heroics in pulling out wins against Washington (2001 Holiday Bowl), as well as against Nebraska (1998, 1999) and Texas A&M (1998). The sixth-year coach said Saturday’s game is "one that will go down in history" while adding "good teams do that this time of year."

Mock is unwilling to assign himself a place alongside Applewhite, or other Longhorn QB greats, and declined to assign significance to the drive ("That’s y’alls job," he told the media) and instead wants to focus on the business at hand.

"Like any other game, we put this one behind us on Monday," he added. "Today, we’re getting started on Texas A&M. I just want to help us anyway way I can. We need to take care of business at College Station, because that’s always a tough place to play."

Of course, like any other game, reporters were not willing to put this one behind us on Monday. Reporters asked FL B. J. Johnson to take us through his play-by-play thought process during the final two minutes.

When Mock’s first attempt was ruled incomplete to RB Brett Robin, Johnson said his inner dialogue basically consisted of, "I’m not sure things are going our way right now." (Uh huh. I’m sure that’s exactly what he said.)

When Mock hit SE Roy Williams on that 54-yard strike, Johnson began to think, "I hope we win."

He also began to think in terms of divine intervention.

"I was just hoping that the Lord would give us a chance to make some plays," he said. His prayers were answered in the corner of the south end zone with 46 seconds left following his 9-yard game-winning reception.

Of note, Johnson was wearing a light air brace on his left ankle and calf Tuesday but said it was just a precaution against a nagging, season-long injury.

Just a thought: when Tech had 2nd-and-2 on the Texas 10 with roughly 2:15 remaining, and with the Horns bereft of time-outs -- why not run the ball to move the chains and then, with a fresh set of downs, kneel the ball three times, running the clock down to under 10 seconds and then attempt a game-winning field goal from 27 yards out? Probably because FG Keith Toogood already had two PATs blocked and was wide-left on the game-tying FG attempt. Or, could it be…coaching?

As it is, the Horns upped their mark to 9-2 to keep their No. 5 BCS rating in place for the second straight week. With the open date, Brown is treating this week’s practices as a mini-Spring Training, working on "fundamentals" and "toughness" while "playing a lot of guys."

Texas closes out the regular season in Aggieland, 2:30 p.m., Friday, Nov. 28 on ABC.

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