IT's Oklahoma State game picks

IT's Michael Pearle and Clendon Ross give you their picks, and the reasoning behind those picks, in this week's game between Texas and OSU.

IT's Picks:

Pearle -- This game has a dangerous look to it. Texas is coming off a hugely disappointing loss to OU, and Okie State is coming off a hugely disappointing loss to Missouri. But the advantage, at least emotionally, may belong to the Cowboys who get to host Texas in the comfy confines of Lewis Field in Stillwater. This game figures to be yet another in a long line of games faced by the Horns dating back down the years where an inferior yet talented and scrappy club can turn its season around with a rallying-cry victory over the Big, Bad but now beatable Texas Longhorns. I don’t like the looks of it. But I think this Longhorn team can handle it. They will shake off the sting of the OU loss, regroup, and refocus on what still lies ahead for them. The Texas defense may bend a few times, but it won’t break, and it will give the offense time to work out the kinks until it finally starts rolling downhill by the second half. I see the game as a struggle for most of three quarters, but a struggle that the Horns will wind up winning decisively. Let’s go Texas 38, OSU 20.

Ross -- It's easy before the season to scan the schedule and chalk up a whole lot of Ws for the Horns only to later realize that many of these teams, particularly in their home stadium, are capable of playing some pretty good football, particularly against a big-time opponent like UT. Oklahoma State is one of those teams. Ask OU, which barely made it out of Stillwater alive last fall during its national championship run. Texas, while clearly superior to the Cowboys in talent at almost every position on the field, will return to action for the first time since its season goals were essentially trashed with the loss to OU in Dallas. National championship hopes? Gone. Big 12 championship hopes? Faded almost to black. If the Horns emotional stability also went the way of the team's title dreams, then OSU can win Saturday. Like last year post-OU, I don't expect the coaches or the players to let that happen. Texas will dominate defensively and, although a week too late, look for the Horns offensively to play more smash mouth, ball control football. Cedric Benson should even see the field! Texas 40, Oklahoma State 12.

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