Reese and Davis talk OSU

The Texas coordinators talk about Oklahoma State:

Carl Reese on Oklahoma State's offense: The coordinator said he looks for OSU to try to establish the run early and play ball control football. The Cowboys are almost straight up a 50-50 run-pass team and they own the time of possession edge over their opponents 31:13 to 28:47. He said Oklahoma State has a "pro mentality," and it will "run, play action pass, and then throw when they have to." When former Dallas TE coach Les Miles took over the head coaching job, he brought some of the old Cowboy offense from when "(Dallas) had a lot of success," according to Reese, but he also kept a lot of the OSU offense we saw over the Bob Simmons days in Stillwater by retaining OC Gundy. Gundy's brother is an offensive coach on the OU staff and Mack Brown said earlier in the week he felt sure the Sooner Gundy was on the phone this week giving tips to the Cowboy Gundy. Tatum Bell (422 yards, 3.8 per carry) is the focus of OSU's ground attack. "(Bell) is probably one of the better running backs we've played to this point," the Texas DC said. "We've gotta get to him before he gets going." Reese also said. Early in the season, The Cowboys also used more Nebraska-like option (dives, "belly options") before FB Mike Denard (61 yards, 4.4 per carry) got banged up. Now, the coordinator said, they still "run the load option and the speed option (like OU) to outflank you," mainly in short yardage situations. Reese said the OSU offense does some things similar to the Houston offense, particularly keeping a TE and an RB in to block on max protect passing plays, but, he added, they'll use less shotgun than most of the teams the Horns have faced so far this season. As you would expect from a former TE coach, the Cowboys "use TE more than most teams we've played," Reese said. The defensive coordinator said the "best part of (QB Aso Pogi's) game is throwing the deep ball. Usually, when they want to throw, they get their wide receivers downfield" with two-man routes. Reese called WR Rashaun Woods "their best football player. He can beat you. He's the best receiver I've seen in the league. When they put that ball deep up the outside (fade routes, particularly), (Woods) thinks he owns it. (Pogi) knows every second of every minute where (Woods) is at." Pogi and Woods have connected on 50-percent of their deep ball attempts when opponents play bump coverage, according to Reese. The Cowboys have surrendered 20 sacks in five games this season, most of those coming from a four- or even three-man rush backed up by zone coverage with OSU in four- or five-wides.

Greg Davis on Oklahoma State's defense: The Cowboys generally line up in 4-2-5 defensive set. Davis said OSU has been in five DBs 82-percent of the time through its first five games. The Cowboys have played a bit of 3-4-4 (about nine-percent of the time), but Davis said he expects them to mix it up this week against his offense. Don't look for much man coverage from OSU, according to the offensive coordinator, who said we'll see the Cowboys in a lot of zone, and when they are in man, it'll be a "loose" man coverage rather than bump. He said the Oklahoma State D has pressed (bump coverage) only three or four times per game all season. Davis called the OSU front "very active" and said the secondary, although "not put in very precarious situations" schematically, is "good." The OC singled out LB Dwayne Levels, calling him a "tough, hard-nosed guy."

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