Recruiting: Peterson Makes His Choice

<B>Adrian Peterson</B>, the nation's top tailback, gave us permission to release his official announcement 10 minutes before his expected national TV announcement on NBC during halftime of the U.S. Army All-American Bowl in San Antonio. And for the diehard internet recruitniks, the winner is...

"Oklahoma," said the 6-1/2, 205-pound running back from Palestine, Texas.

While most expected the Sooners to claim the Lone Star State's No. 1, it's now official. The Crimson and Cream can now celebrate the acquisition of one of the most ballyhooed RB prospects to emerge from the high school ranks in recent years.

Why did Peterson pick Bob Stoops and Gang?

"I just feel really comfortable there," he said. "I feel really comfortable with all of the players and the coaches."

"And, I feel like I can go there and play right away. I know I'll need to work hard to earn playing time, but I feel like they'll give me that opportunity."

The distractions a bigger city can present is something that AD is fully aware of...

"Miami was my No. 2 team. And I really had a great time there. But Norman is a small town and it will allow me to concentrate on football and school which are my top priorities."

"Also, because there's not a lot to do, you hang out more with your teammates. And being around the players all of the time gives you a chance to become a better football team. You just gain a better appreciation for the guys you are playing with and want to work even harder for them and they want to do better for you."

Last but not least, the five-star running back said he likes the talent the Sooners have already amassed and thinks they have a formula for national championship success.

"At Oklahoma, I know I'll be surrounded by a good group of hungry guys. That might be one of the main reasons that I chose OU."

Peterson wanted us to pass along a message to the Sooner nation.

"Boomer Sooner, baby. I'm coming to OU."

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