Current Commit Update: Ramonce Taylor

Belton RB/CB <b>Ramonce Taylor</b> gave us his thoughts about the departure of Texas DC <b>Carl Reese</b> and the strength of his verbal commitment to <b>Mack Brown</b> and Co...

"My commitment to Texas is firm," Taylor said. "Regardless of the defensive coordinator leaving, doesn't matter."

"It's really not about the school," Cen-Tex's top ground gainer continued. "It's about the players there. The way that they're a true team. If they can't find anything to do, they'll hang out together -- all of them.

"Coaching-wise, no big deal to me. If you can play, you can play. Doesn't matter if they have the same coaches or new coaches when I get there. They'll see what you can do."

The 3-star prospect obviously has plenty of confidence in his game...

"You have to prepare, but also remain confident in your abilities."

Taylor also offered his thoughts on what the Horns need to do to overcome their 4-year run of defeats to the Sooners.

"I'm the type of player that I cannot see us losing to those guys," he said. "When we play OU, I'm going to give it everything I have. And I doubt we'll lose to those guys while I'm there (Forty Acres). Losing to them the way we have, we just can't have that."

To that, Orangebloods will say, Amen.

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