Current Commit Update: Nic Redwine

<B>Nic Redwine's</B> thoughts on the defensive changes underway in Austin and what affect, if any, it's had on his verbal commitment to attend The University of Texas...

Rumors having Nic Redwine looking at Texas A&M surfaced again recently. But just like before, those rumors turned out to be nothing but, well, rumors.

"No, I haven't heard from any other coaches," he said. "I guess since Carl Reese left, I might get a few more phone calls. But I haven't heard from any yet, except for Texas', in several months."

As for Reese opting to move on from the Forty Acres, Redwine said, "I guess it initially concerns you. I had just talked to him about how I was going to fit into their scheme. If Coach Reese's situation has a domino effect, then it could get pretty bad. But I look at it like this: 'I'm committed to The University of Texas.'"

Asked about DC candidate Duane Akina, the 6-2, 212-pounder said, "I really like Coach Akina. He's the one who recruited me so I have a really good relationship with him. My dad said he'd be a good one."

"He also said Coach Gray would be a good one too," Redwine added. The linebacker/defensive end from Tyler, Texas said he heard all kinds of things coming out of Austin.

"The fans in Austin are pretty upset. I was hearing a lot of things about Greg Davis. And how they wanted him fired. So, you never know what might happen. But at a place like Texas, they're going to bring in the best coaches out there, so I'm not that worried. It (bringing in new coaches) might be the thing Texas needs. Some new faces, it could provide a spark. Anyway, my commitment's strong to UT.

"And, I also know Texas is closer to winning a championship than a lot of people think. But I also think they should have already won one by now. I think it's long overdue for Texas to win a national championship. But I think we (Redwine, fellow 2004 class of commits and the current members of the Longhorn football team) can get one. If everybody comes in to work, ready to go, and gives it everything they have, we'll win one."

In addition to the above commentary, Redwine flat out said he wasn't going anywhere and that Texas was the place for him.

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