Jordan Shipley to endeavor. Having already alerted Orangebloods that the Burnet burner reaffirmed his commitment to Mack Brown and Co. yesterday, we go a lot further regarding those details below..."> Jordan Shipley to endeavor. Having already alerted Orangebloods that the Burnet burner reaffirmed his commitment to Mack Brown and Co. yesterday, we go a lot further regarding those details below...">

Recruiting: The Final Word on Shipley's Situation

Burnet head coach <b>Bob Shipley</b> visited with us after his son's Forty Acres official visit concluded Sunday afternoon to go in-depth about the "leaving no stone unturned" approach he encouraged <b>Jordan Shipley</b> to endeavor. Having already alerted Orangebloods that the Burnet burner reaffirmed his commitment to <b>Mack Brown</b> and Co. yesterday, we go a lot further regarding those details below...

Asked about the official to Austin, Bob Shipley said, "It was good for him to get down there for two days, spend some time with the coaches, the players... He came out of there feeling real good about his decision. And he knows there's going to be some great competition there, but he's excited about it."

Speaking of comp, the Horns were facing some regarding the securing of the 6-0, 185-pound wideout...

"Tech is obviously going to throw it 60-70 times a game and that's tempting," he said. "Those guys (Texas Tech coaching staff) did a great job of recruiting him."

Of course some speculated that there was pressure applied from Coach Ship, specifically that he wanted his son to honor his oral commitment to the Longhorns...

"I was always behind Jordan and whatever he wanted to do," he said. "I told him he couldn't make a decision based on what I wanted, his mom, brother or uncle wanted. He was the one who was going to have to live with that decision for the next 4-5 years. I wouldn't want him to be unhappy and feel like it was my fault because I forced him to go somewhere he didn't want to. But I did want him to make sure he left no stone unturned. So, I wanted him to really think everything over. And I was fully supportive of whatever he wanted to do."

According to Coach, Mack Brown also applied zero pressure on Jordan...

"All things considered, Coach Brown really didn't put any pressure on Jordan either," Shipley said. "He told him, 'Just look at the things that made you want to come here. Just go where your heart wants you to go."

"He didn't try to put the guilt trip on him," Shipley continued. "He was real nice, real sincere and very honest with him. He said he didn't want Jordan to come to Texas if he wasn't 100 percent sure that's what he wanted to do.

"You make sure kids really want to be there before they commit or they're not going to be happy. There's going to be some bumps in the road along the way, so you have to be happy wherever you choose to go. He wanted to give Jordan free reign to do that. Free reign to go where he wanted to go and wanted him to make sure that Texas is where he wanted to go. He even said that if playing in an offense that throws the ball 60-70 times a game is that important to you, then that's where you need to go."

"Texas Tech obviously has a great product to sell, especially to quarterbacks and skill positions in Mike Leach's offense," Shipley said, speaking on the opportunities/advantages his son could have had had he decided to play in TTU's spread attack. "A receiver can have a lot of fun with what they do. And I think the whole deal with Jordan listening to them started when he began having second thoughts about his commitment to Texas when they were struggling in October. Texas Tech, meanwhile, was putting up some ungodly numbers. So Jordan backed up and did some investigating to make sure UT was where he wanted to go. But a lot of people just blew this thing out of proportion."

Unless you've been in hiding the last few months, we probably don't need to tell you the extent of the speculation and the rumors. But for the purpose of review, we'll mention a few: How can you not start with the claims that Coach Ship was offered a job on a Big 12 staff (particularly, Baylor, Texas or Texas Tech) in exchange for inking his son? Or predictions having the kid as a silent commit and placed in Lubbock by Signing Day ('04) or before with Austinites having little to no chance of ever seeing the kid again (save when playing at DKR-Memorial Stadium in a Scarlet and Black uni). From assertions that his father was steering him to the Forty Acres to the last-minute sightings having the 4-star blue-chipper in Lubbock or on his way there just this past Friday and Saturday, some over-zealous fans -- fueled by 'He said, she said so-and-so heard Bob/Jordan saying this or that" -- fed the wildest imaginations and hopes/fears of thousands.

"It just goes to show that you take anonymous internet posters and what they have to say with a grain of salt," Shipley said. "I would never ride the coattails of Jordan to a college coaching job. Aside from that, I'm a family man, coached college ball before and love my job (coaching high school football) and love residing in Burnet.

" "You know, I'm glad we don't have a computer at the house that works," he continued. "The one we have hasn't worked for the last year and-a-half. And I'm glad I never fixed that thing. Everybody was always fighting over who was on it last anyway. If I need to get on the computer for anything, I just go up to my office."

Just this past summer, when alerted by someone at his high school to peruse a message board containing tidbits of misinformation and the juvenile postings of a select few, he jumped on that computer in his office and learned first-hand how incredibly fast false information could snowball into absurdity by those claiming to be in the know. And how the rants of a few could raise the hair on the back of his neck.

Shipley swore off the internet after that baptism by fire, even as the last four months of speculation featured some plain ol' B.S. and some unbelievable reading material.

Obviously, many did not want this story to die. And it sucked thousands upon thousands of us in, whether Longhorn, Red Raider, media member or just recruiting follower. It led to sure-fire predictions, guarantees, excitement, anxiety, happiness and sometimes even (Lord-forbid) anger. It led to months and months of water-cooler discussion and message board conversation.

And in the end, Jordan never decomitted. He never said he thought he would (or planned to) decommit. He never took an official visit to another team's campus, never said he intended to either. Nope, he remained committed to Texas, the team he gave an oral commitment to several months back. An anti-climatic ending now that the facts are completely out.

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