Recruiting: Is AD Back In Play? (Updated!)

With Signing Day '04 drawing near, the rumor mill has hit full tilt. Where will Adrian Peterson wind up? Will it be OU, the school he announced to at the halftime of the U.S. Army All-American game? Or will it be to A&M, where he recently took an unofficial to College Station this past weekend to see a basketball game? Or could it be Mack Brown and Co. that snags his John Hancock, as there's a chance he might be in Austin this weekend. The state's No. 1 goes on record about all of the above...

Folks, the nice and peaceful environment the Peterson family enjoyed has absolutely turned upside down and the pandemonium taking place on Big 12 South message boards, particularly A&M, OU and Texas is not likely to end until AD faxes his letter of intent on Signing Day, '04...

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