Recruiting: Peterson's Mom Talks About UT In-Home

Caught up with <B>Bonita Jackson</B>, mother of <B>Adrian Peterson</B> for a quick update regarding her son's recruitment.

First, let's clarify a few things that we learned after speaking with Mrs. Jackson.

1. AD left for Houston to visit two brothers who attend TSU. Mrs. Jackson said she does not know who they met up when they were there.

2. Mack Brown did in fact make it to Palestine to conduct an in-home visit. More from Peterson's mother on that below.

3. Mrs. Jackson said Adrian was not present for the in-home with Brown.

So, despite the fact that the Lone Star State's No. 1 was not present, did the in-home visit help the Longhorns?

"Yes it did," Mrs. Jackson said. "It cleared up a lot of things. Mack Brown answered a lot of the questions and issues I had about Texas before. And it made me feel a lot better about Texas."

But did she really dig Coach Brown?

"I like Mack Brown. He runs a great program. And... we're just gonna see what happens on Wednesday."

It's been said many times that the Texas head man has the skills to close the deal. Particularly, his southern charm that'll have mommas blushing and fathers gushing.

Any truth to Brown's immortal recruiting prowess? Does he really light up a prospective student/athlete's living room?

"Yes-he-does," said Mrs. Jackson with a Southern drawl of her own.

Note: Texas will have an LOI ready to go should Peterson decide to make a Signing Day Surprise and ink with the Horns.

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